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Aka no Kakera Lyrics

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kawaita sakebigoe ga kikoeta
"kioku no naka no yami wo hodoite"

itsumo saigo no kotae erande wa
dareka wo kizutsuketeta
sou nani ga shinjitsu ka wakaranai mama
kagayaki modosu tame
kimi wa ikusen no toki wo koeteiku

modoranai aka no kakera
nigirishimete sa mayoitsuzuketeku
kimi wo utsushideseru sono hitomi wo
sagashidasu made

utsuro na zatsunen sae umareta
tsugunau dake no tsuyosa mo nakute

itsumo arika ni mayoi sugata naki
nanika ni obieteita
mada karamu kusari sura chigirenai mama
agaite sagashiteta
tsuzuku zankoku na toki wo haiagaru

kuzureteku yuki no kioku
taguriyosete toketeshimau sou de
dare mo kizutsukenai sono tsuyosa wo te
ni ireru made

kizutsuki kizutsuketeta itsuwari dake no
yurusareru no nara kimi no matsu tobira
wo hiraku

kioku wo dakishimete
owaru koto no nai tabi e to

sagashiteta ao no kakera
mune ni afureteiku
kioku wo dakishimete
owaru koto no nai tabi e to

nanatsu no tamashii to sono hitomi wo
sagashidasu made


I heard a dry scream
"Untangle the darkness inside my memory"

Whenever you chose your final answer
You'd ended up hurting someone
Without knowing what the truth was
But in order to regain your brilliance
You will go on, crossing thousands of

Clenching in my hands these never to
Fragments of scarlet I will continue to
wander about
Until I find that eye which can give me
a reflection of you

I even came to harbor some empty idle
Not even finding in me the power to
simply redeem my sins

Forever losing my way around I've been
Something invisible
Though the chains binding me are yet to
be torn off
I struggled in my search
To crawl my way out of this unending
cruel age

The crumbling memory of the snow
Seems like it's about to melt away as I
pull it close
But I will go on until I've become
strong enough not to hurt anyone

We get hurt and we hurt others in this
world full of deceits
If allowed to I will open the door
where you wait for me

Holding close my memory
I will set forth on a never-ending

The fragments of blue I've been
searching for
Are welling up in my chest
Holding close my memory
I will set forth on a never-ending

Until I find the seven souls and that eye



いつも最後の答え 選んでは

戻らない 緋色のカケラ
握りしめて さ迷い続けてく


いつも在処に迷い 姿なき
何かに 怯えていた

崩れてく 雪の記憶
手繰り寄せて 溶けてしまうそうで
誰も傷つけない その強さを手に入れるまで

傷つき 傷つけてた 偽りだけの世界
赦されるのなら 君の待つ扉をひらく


探してた 碧のカケラ


07-GHOST Aka no Kakera Lyrics - Information

Title:Aka no Kakera


Type of Song:Opening

Appears in:Opening Theme

Performed by:Suzuki Yuki

Arranged by:Ryo

Lyrics by:Kana, Noria

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The Military Academy of the mighty Barsburg Empire is renowned for molding extraordinary individuals who determine the empire's triumphs. Within its hallowed halls, aspiring soldiers harness a formidable power known as "Zaiphon" to wage battles, each wielding a unique variety based on their innate abilities and skills. Standing out amongst the promising cadets is Teito Klein, a young prodigy shrouded in mystery. Mocked and scorned as a sklave, burdened with amnesia, Teito finds solace in the friendship of his peer, Mikage. As their final examination looms on the horizon, Teito inadvertently stumbles upon a sinister secret entwined with his own enigmatic past. But when his audacious attempt to eliminate Ayanami, the very official responsible for his father's demise, is thwarted, Teito is swiftly confined, awaiting a severe punishment. Fuelled by Mikage's unwavering loyalty, Teito musters the courage to escape his imprisonment. Destiny leads him to seek sanctuary within the sanctified walls of the 7th District Church, where benevolent bishops extend their protection. Here, Teito endeavors to outmaneuver the relentless clutches of Ayanami and his militaristic forces, yearning to unearth the truths buried within his memories. For within lies the key to his profound purpose—a power capable of reshaping the very fabric of the world's destiny.

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