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18 If
18if Songs Lyrics


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18if Lyrics
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Anime Information


Also Called:18 If


Released on year:2016

Released in:Spring

Num Episodes:20

Anime Genres


In the depths of an enigmatic dream realm, a bewildered teenager named Haruto Tsukishiro awakens in a mysterious bedroom. His disorientation quickly gives way to intrigue as he discovers a peculiar application on his phone, beckoning him towards an unforeseen adventure. With a single touch, a bizarre apparition materializes, attempting to ensnare him within her dominion. Providentially, a resolute white-haired maiden intervenes, severing the tenuous connection and aiding his escape. It becomes clear that the ethereal woman is a powerful witch, but their conversation is abruptly cut short. As Haruto traverses the realm once more, he encounters an enchanting anthropomorphic feline named Katsumi Kanzaki, whose sagacity in dream world exploration earns him immediate respect. Urged onward by relentless pursuers, the enigmatic white-haired girl orchestrates a path of refuge through a clandestine doorway. After emerging safely from their harrowing ordeal, Haruto shares vivid details about their enigmatic savior — an enigmatic entity visible solely to him. This revelation piques the intense curiosity of Katsumi, an esteemed authority on dreamscapes, who surmises that this ethereal being must be the legendary "Lily," a recurring presence across a multitude of dreams. With hopes of escaping the dream realm forever, the trio courageously steps into the chilly clutches of the witch's abode once more. However, their subsequent endeavor proves perilous, compelling Lily to disclose a heart-wrenching verity to Haruto: the plight of witches cursed with the affliction of "Sleeping Beauty Syndrome," a forlorn slumber induced by torment in their waking lives. These tormented souls languish in the realm of dreams until released from their eternal slumber through defeat. In their triumphant battle against the malevolent witch and their subsequent discovery of the elusive blue door, Haruto and Katsumi bid farewell, promising each other a future rendezvous in the realm of reality. Yet, as Haruto confidently strides through the shimmering portal, he finds himself abruptly awakened once more in the very same dream realm bedroom. Faced with mounting bewilderment, Haruto and Katsumi steadfastly embark on a quest, determined to unravel the enigmas shrouding the existence of witches, the enigmatic Lily, and the disconcerting enigma that inexplicably restrains Haruto within this inescapable dream realm.


The captivating world of 18if is an integral part of an expansive multi-media project, encompassing not only an enthralling anime series, but also an engaging mobile game and an immersive virtual reality experience.