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Daiji na Koto Lyrics

From the Anime3D Girlfriend 3D Kanojo: Real Girl | 3D Girlfriend 2nd Season | 3D彼女 リアルガール

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Ichiban daiji na koto wa
Daremo shiranai kuto nanda
Aremo kore mo daiji nai yo de
Toki ga sugireba kiete yuku

Kaze ni no motte kumono kire mani
Tadayou no wa omoide no youna
Irozugi hajimeta teno hira no youna
Sudeni ringo no koi gokoro

Toki o kakenuke yagate kuru
Atarashii kisetsu yume towa sukoshi chigau
Tada oboeteiru koto wa daijina koto nanda

Ichiban daiji na kotoba
Daremo iwazuni owari sou
Are mo kore mo daijoubu sa
Toki ga sugitemo oboeteru

Anata no koto wa oboeteru


What's the most important thing
Is what nobody knows
Even if everything seems to be important.
They will disappear when time passes

Riding the wind, what drifts between clouds
Is like memories
Like a palm that started to gain color
It's already an apple like love

Run through time and the new season will eventually come
It is a bit different from a dream
But what you remember
Is the important thing

The most important words
Nobody ends up saying
Everything will be ok
I remember even after time passes

I remember you.



風に乗って 雲の切れ間に
色付き始めた 手のひらのような

新しい季節 夢とは少し違う



3D Girlfriend Daiji na Koto Lyrics - Information

Title:Daiji na Koto

Anime3D Girlfriend

Type of Song:Opening

Appears in:Opening Theme

Performed by:Quruli

Arranged by:Quruli

Lyrics by:Shigeru Kishida

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Quruli Daiji na Koto Lyrics - 3D Girlfriend Lyrics
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Quruli Daiji na Koto Lyrics belongs to the anime 3D Girlfriend, take a look at the argument:

Junichi Hashiba asks a girl out after his perverse friends pull a prank on him in an attempt to change the fact that he's a hopeless virgin. Junichi's groveling disgusts Yukana Yame, the girl in question. However, after a series of teasing remarks, she soon finds herself bonding with him and, much to his surprise, accepting Junichi's confession.
Junichi overcomes his lack of self-confidence and suppresses his sexual urges while being thrust into a new school life full of lively girls and unpredictable mayhem in Hajimete no Gal.

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