5 Okunen Button Songs Lyrics

500 Million Years Button | 5億年ボタン
5 Okunen Button Songs Lyrics


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5 Okunen Button Lyrics
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Anime Information

Title:5 Okunen Button

Also Called:500 Million Years Button | 5億年ボタン


Released on year:2022

Released in:Summer


The narrative revolves around an intriguing button capable of granting a miraculous one million yen to its pusher. However, there's a catch - the recipient must endure an isolated void for a staggering five hundred million years. Curiously, once this period concludes, the individual's memory of the experience is erased, transporting them back to the exact moment they pressed the button. It is against this backdrop that a mysterious person, bearing this extraordinary button, materializes before three siblings: the youthful Tonio, the blossoming Jaibi, and the mature Suneko. These siblings find themselves in desperate need of financial assistance to cover their ailing father's medical expenses.