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A.D. Police Lyrics
Title: A.D. Police
Released on year:1990
Num Episodes:3


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In MegaTokyo the year is 2027, six years before the Knight Sabers make their debut. Boomers (artificial humans) are still a fairly recent development, and boomer implementation and incorporation into society is still a little unstable — often fatally so. However, if there is a boomer accident, there's the Advanced Police, a special unit equipped to deal with boomer crimes.

Leon McNichol is a newcomer in the AD Police, and is only beginning to be exposed to the horrors and tragedies that we encounter in MegaTokyo every day. Slowly, he and his seasoned wife, Gina Marceau, learn about the ever-fading line dividing man from machine.


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D.A. Police Files is an original three-part video animation created by Youmex and being animated by Artmic and AIC. It is a spin-off from the show Bubblegum Crisis. The development of the show was stopped with just three full episodes, due to the legal dispute between Artmic and Youmex.

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