A.D. Police Songs Lyrics

A.D. Police Songs Lyrics


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A.D. Police Lyrics
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Anime Information

Title:A.D. Police


Released on year:1999

Released in:Spring

Num Episodes:12

Anime Genres


A.D. Police, a gripping prequel to Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040, transports us to the bustling streets of Mega-Tokyo. As we dive into this world, we discover the valuable role played by a specialized police division in maintaining order amidst the chaos: taking down rogue Boomers. Leading the charge is Officer Kenji Sasaki, a seasoned and skilled law enforcer. But fate has dealt him a devastating blow as he tragically loses yet another partner to a ferocious Boomer attack. Forced to take a much-needed break after the traumatic incident, Kenji finds himself facing a surprising twist of fate. He is abruptly assigned a new partner, none other than Hans Kleif, a distinguished German officer with an intriguing past. The twist? Kenji and Hans share an unsavory encounter at a local bar, resulting in an unexpected altercation. With tensions between them simmering just beneath the surface, they are thrust together to combat the growing Boomer menace. Not only must Kenji confront the daily challenges of battling these powerful machines, but he must also navigate the complexities of working alongside a foreign partner. This calls for a delicate balance between trust, adaptation, and collaboration as they strive to keep Mega-Tokyo safe. Prepare to be enraptured by the thrilling adventures that unfold as A.D. Police unfurls its dramatic tale of partnership amidst the relentless storm of chaos and technology.