A3! Season Spring & Summer Songs Lyrics

Act! Addict! Actors! Season Spring & Summer
A3! Season Spring & Summer Songs Lyrics


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A3! Season Spring & Summer Lyrics
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Anime Information

Title:A3! Season Spring & Summer

Also Called:Act! Addict! Actors! Season Spring & Summer


Released on year:2014

Released in:Summer

Num Episodes:12

Anime Genres


Nestled in the heart of Veludo Way, a vibrant hub of street performances and artistic showcases, lies a haven for those enthralled by the world of professional acting. Enter Izumi Tachibana, who, driven by a cryptic letter, finds herself drawn to a venue once fervently helmed by her father and renowned theater troupe, Mankai Company. A cruel twist of fate looms as the historic building teeters on the brink of repurposing, burdened by overwhelming debts. In a desperate bid to salvage their beloved theatrical haven, Izumi defies the odds and persuades a tenacious debt collector to grant them one final opportunity. However, the stakes are high and the conditions stringent. The ensemble must produce a sensational debut show within a mere month, resurrecting the four all-male sub-troupes while simultaneously extinguishing the suffocating financial burden lingering over Mankai Company. To make matters more audacious, Izumi herself must step forward and assume the demanding role of director. With the clock relentlessly ticking, Izumi must assemble a motley crew for the Spring Troupe. Among them is Sakuya Sakuma, a spirited high school student bursting with unwavering enthusiasm; Masumi Usui, entranced by Izumi's essence and brimming with burning admiration; Tsuzuru Minagi, an aspiring playwright eager to unleash his creative prowess; Itaru Chigasaki, a seasoned office worker embodying maturity and experience; and lastly, Citron, a warm-hearted foreigner exuding boundless charm. Notwithstanding their limited, if not nonexistent, experience in the realm of acting, it falls upon Izumi's shoulders to mold and refine this unpolished ensemble into a formidable force, capable of delivering a breathtaking performance that transcends the boundaries of time and restores Mankai Company to its former resplendent glory. The curtains rise, the cast takes their positions, and the stage is set for a tale of determination, passion, and the indomitable power of artistic expression.