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Ai Shite Knight Lyrics
Title: Ai Shite Knight
Also Called:Ai Shite Night
Released on year:1983
Released in:Spring
Num Episodes:42


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Yaeko Mitamura is an 18-year-old girl who works in the Okonomiyaki restaurant of her father. One day unexpectedly, Yakko meets a little boy, Hashizo, and his peculiar cat Juliano. When still a boy, Hashizo lost both parents, and was brought up by his elder brother. Hashizo's brother Go Kato is the new rock band's lead singer "Bee Hive." An unforeseen sequence of events occurs when Yakko encounters Go and his friend and leader of "Bee Hive," Satomi Okawa. Love, envy, rock'n'roll and the sparkle of new-born stars make this anime so lovable.

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Ai Shite Knight ( ę„›ć—ć¦ćƒŠć‚¤ćƒˆ, Aishite Naito, lit. "Love me [my] Knight" ) is a manga shōjo, created by Kaoru Tada in the early 1980s. An anime adaptation, produced by Toei Animation for 42 episodes, was released in 1983 until 1984. A live action adaptation was also made.bettersourceneed The manga is licensed for digital release on the Kindle and comixology in English by M'z Company.

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