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Title: Air Gear
Released on year:2006
Released in:Spring
Num Episodes:25


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Air Trecks, also known as AT, are inline motorized and futuristic skates which are the latest craze that takes the nation by storm. While through AT comes with a speed limiter, a daredevil group known as the "Storm Riders" is brave enough to tamper with the tool. Using AT's in underground fights, independent teams wager precious AT pieces or team emblems to conquer the streets with their sign of pride.Living in this period is Itsuki Minami, a controversial middle school student involved in street fights. The reckless punk can break through any barrier that stands in his path, alongside his best friends Kazuma Mikura and Onigiri, always trying to hit heights that no one else can.

But it is when he finds in his house a pair of Air Trecks that the door to his true dream eventually opens: to rule the skies..

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Air Gear ( Japanese: エア・ギア, Hepburn: Ea Gia ) is an Ito "Oh Wonderful" manga written and illustrated by Ito. Air Gear revolves around the life of Itsuki Minami "Ikki or Crow" and his relatives, also known as "Baby Face," "Lil ( and Little ) Crow" The plot follows their use of the in-universe invention of Air Gear, adapted from inline skates. Initial parts of the plot introduce characters which eventually enter Ikki. When the story continues, it focuses on their position when Storm Riders and its quest to be at the top of the Trophaeum Tower. Both Storm Riders hope to hit the pinnacle.

In the shōnen category Air Gear won the 2006 Kodansha Manga Award.
The series ended with Chapter 357 on May 28, 2012, but was continued with a new installment. At the end of Installment 358, the manga's author told readers to look forward to more Air Gear..

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