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Farewell Song Lyrics


Shiroku togireta yume no kirehashi wo
Shounen wa hashiru
Te wo hanashitara dokomademo tooku kaze
no ne ni kieteyuku

Hitotsudake no Omoi wo tobashite

Mabuta no ura ni egaki hajimeta e wa
Tenohira de kosuttemo
Itsuka mieta yasashisa wa mou nai
Hitori fumidasu ashidake miteru

Asa ni wa kieta ano utagoe wo itsumademo

Nomichi no saki de akaku naru houzuki
segande kodomo ga hashaideru
Itsuka shitta yasashisa no naka ni mo
Onaji fuukei Arunara ii ne

Asani wa kieta ano utagoe wo itsumademo
Bokura ga nokoshita ano ashiato wo
itsumademo otteta

Asa ni wa kieta ano utagoe wo itsumademo
Bokura ga nokoshita ano ashiato wo
dokomademo otteta
Sou owari wa wakare to aru mono dakara
Subete oiteyuku
Asa ni wa hizashi no naka Atarashii uta,


Grasping the white scraps of an
interrupted dream
A boy runs
When he lets go, they disappear into the
distant sound of the wind

Making just one thought fly

The picture painted on the insides of my
eyelids grows hazy
Even if I rub them with my palms
The kindness I could once see is now gone
I just look at my feet, stepping forward

I listened to the singing until it
disappeared when morning came

Disturbing the Chinese lanterns that
bloom red on the trail, the children
It would be nice if the scenery were the
In the kindness that I once knew

I listened to the singing until it
disappeared when morning came
I followed the footprints we'd left
behind into the distance

I always, always listened to the singing
that disappeared
I followed the footprints that we'd left
Yes, because endings come with partings,
I'm leaving everything behind
I'm humming a new song in the morning
sun's rays


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Air Ending Theme Lyrics - Information

Title: Farewell Song
Anime: Air
Type of Song:Ending
Appears in:Ending Theme
Performed by:Lia
Composed by:Magome Togoshi
Lyrics by:Key

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