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Akuma-kun Lyrics
Title: Akuma-kun
Released on year:1989
Released in:Spring
Num Episodes:42


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The Demons 'Age has begun. Dr Faust foresaw this upsurge of evil. Sadly, he is close to death, and is unable to combat this coming threat personally. Faust entrusts this new evil presence to a young boy, Shingo Yamada, to take up the task of ridding the world. Faust notices a birthmark on Shingo's forehead which means he's the demon hunter he's chosen. Faust summons from hell what may be the only chance of salvation for humanity: rises a less than confident demon called Mephisto. Shingo and Mephisto set out to battle the supernatural world after signing a blood oath to save humanity.


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Akuma-kun ( 悪魔くん ) is an illustrated manga series written by Shigeru Mizuki. There are several versions of the manga, one of which has been adapted to a live-action TV film, and another to an anime TV series.
There were also two films spawning from the Akuma-kun TV series: The Movie released in 1989, and Akuma-kun: Yōkoso Akuma Land e!! Released in 1990.
Both media related to the show were never released outside of Japan.

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