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Title: Amatsuki
Released on year:2008
Released in:Spring
Num Episodes:13


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Tokidoki Rikugou is a history-hating student who flunks out of his Japanese History course; his high school compels him by attending a special museum lecture to account for his failed grade. Its star show, an comprehensive reconstruction of the Edo period, promises to mitigate the bad grades of the delinquent student with an elaborate simulation of the Tokugawa Shogunate: the Edo Bakumatsu Walking Tour and Exhibition.Knowing next to nothing about the history of samurai or the times he visited, he was soon shocked to hear about Japan's superstitious existence in the 1600s.
Quickly denying the presence of gods and demons, when faced with a demon on a bridge threatening the naive high schooler, he is stunned.

Saved by a mysterious swordsman named Kuchiha, he learns that the simulation at the history museum will no longer avoid him.Meeting another swordsman named Kon Shinonome, he finds another contemporary who had been stuck before him in the simulation. Quickly adapting to his new home, Tokidoki now has to help protect the village from ghosts, while uncovering the mystery of both the game and the business that created it..

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Amatsuki ( あま぀き ) is a Shinobu Takayama manga series, serialized in the monthly Zero Sum comic. Studio Deen created a 13 episode anime adaptation that premiered on April 4, 2008.

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