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Feuerrotes Ziel

Kariudo da to usobuita omae wa ueta kemono
"Nareau kurainara shinda hou ga mashida" to hoeta

Chi ni mamireta shikabane no hikari naki hitomi ga iru
"Kiba o nakusu no nara izure uramu darou" to utau

Fujouri na mon sa《jinrui》oretachi wa chiisana shouri de sae
Hikikaeru ni wa amari ni mo ookina 《daishou》 (risuku) o seo wasareru

Inujini shitai wake janai... naa... shindemo shi ni kirenaidaro?
Sono ishi wa muda janai kono mama ja owarasenai
Yatsura o nedayashi ni suru made wa......

Yuuyami ni somaru no wa hyouteki ka onore ka
Yuminari ni hajike tobi emono o hofure 《kariudo no ishi yo》 (Jaeger)
Tasogare ni hanatareta hotobashiru 《shoudou》 (satsui) ga
Mure o nashi ugatsu no wa ―

Guren no 《zahyou》

Rakuen o samayoeru aware na hitokage
Karera ni mo taisetsu na dareka ga ita darou
Shinjitsu o motomete mo ibitsu na garasu wa
Kotonatta kyozou o utsusu nozoki komu kao no kazu dake

Fujouri na mon sa 《sekai》 (genjitsu) wa wazuka na kouki de sae
Te ni ireru ni wa amari ni mo kajou na 《taika》 (kosuto) o harawasa reru

Inuji ni sa seta mama ja... naa... kuite mo kui tarinai darou?
Kono ishi yo toki o koe nandodemo uketsuga re
Sono michi o mukuwareru made susume......

Yuugure ni yureru no wa kanashimi ka zouo ka
Aganaeru tsumi o daki emono o hofuru 《shingeki no ishi yo》 (Krieger)
《Doukei》 (akogare) ni norowareta tomedo naki 《shoudou》 (satsui) ga
Na o kaete tadoru no wa ―

Guren no 《zahyou》

Hoeru koto shika dekinakatta ano hi no shounen wa 《chousa heidan no soubi》 (buki) o tori ooku no nakama o eta
Izure shingeki no 《Kou》 (koushi) wa shayou no sora o tsuranuku
《shigen to shuuen ga kōsa suru ten》 (zahyou) megakete!


The Crimson Coordinate

You were ridiculed as a mere huntsman when you are a hungry beast
And you roared "it would be better to die than getting used to it"

The bloodstained corpses pierced your heart with their empty eyes
It's as if they sang "you will regret it if you lose your fangs"

It's just absurd that for such a small victory
A risk so tremendous must be taken

I don't want their deaths to be in vain
Their deadly wishes are not meaningless
As I will not let it end like this
Until they are wiped out from the face of the Earth

Who is the defiled shadow at the end of the twilight?
Is it him or is it his prey?
Arching like a bow, he jumps at his target, Jaeger
His murderous intent piercing through the twilight ―

The crimson coordinate

These pitiful people wander through Paradise
Bearing the loved ones they lost in their heart

Even if you pursue the truth, the twisted shard of glass
Shows a different lie for each pair of eyes that gaze into it

It's just so absurd that, in exchange for the smallest advantages
The world demands too big of a cost

If we just let their deaths be in vain, what follows is endless regret, right?
Let their deadly wishes transcend time and be passed on, again and again
Keep going down that path until the deaths pay off

What is wavering at dusk? Sorrow, or hatred?
To carry a sin without atonement while slaughtering prey is the Will of Attack, Kruger!
Cursed by longing, this unstoppable impulse
Under a different name, would still reach the crimson coordinates

The boy from that day who could do nothing but roar has now taken up the Survey Corps' arms and gained many comrades
The arrow that signals the start of his counterattack will one day pierce the setting sun
Aimed straight at where beginning and end meet; the coordinates!

(In German "Jäger" means "hunter" and "Krieger" means "warrior")


Feuerrotes Ziel

狩人だと嘯いた お前は飢えた獣
「馴れ合うくらいなら 死んだ方がマシだ」と吠えた

血に塗れた屍の 光無き瞳が射る
「牙を失くすのなら いずれ恨むだろう」と唄う

不条理なもんさ 人類は 小さな勝利でさえ
引き換えるには 余りにも大きな 《代償》を背負わされる

犬死にしたい訳じゃない なぁ 死んでも死にきれないだろ?
この遺志は 無駄じゃない このままじゃ 終わらせない
奴等 を根絶やしにする迄は

夕闇に染まるのは 標的か己か
黄昏に放たれた 迸る衝動が



楽園を彷徨える 哀れな人影
彼らにも 大切な 誰かがいただろう
真実を求めても 歪な硝子は
異なった虚像を映す 覗き込む顔の数だけ

不合理なもんさ 世界は 僅かな好機でさえ
手に入れるには 余りにも過剰な 対価を払わされる

犬死させたままじゃ なぁ 悔いても悔い足りないだろ?
この意志よ 時を超え 何度でも 受け継がれ

夕暮れに揺れるのは 哀しみか憎悪か
購えぬ罪を抱き 獲物を屠る《進撃の意志よ》
《憧憬》に呪われた 止めどなき衝動が


あの日の少年は 《調査兵団の装備》を取り
いずれ 進撃の嚆矢は 斜陽の空を貫く

Attack on Titan Guren no Yumiya Theme Song Lyrics - Information

Title: Guren no Zahyou
Anime: Attack on Titan
English Title:The Crimson Coordinate Lyrics
Kanji Title:紅蓮の座標
Type of Song:Other
Appears in:Guren no Yumiya Theme Song
Performed by:Linked Horizon

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Mankind remains imprisoned within the two remaining walls, still threatened by the "Titans" who have robbed them of their freedom. Efforts to exterminate these monsters continue, but threats come not only from the Titans beyond the walls, but also from the humans who live within them.
Eren Yaeger devotes himself to improving his Titan form after being rescued from the Colossal and Armored Titans. Captain Levi chooses Eren and his friends to form his new personal squad, and Commander Erwin Smith recovers from his injuries, while Krista Lenz struggles to accept the loss of her friend. Everything appears to be going well for the soldiers until the government demands Eren and Krista's custody.

Because of the Survey Corps' recent successes, a familiar face from Levi's past is dispatched to collect the wanted soldiers. Levi and his new squad must elude their assailants in order to keep Eren and Krista safe while being pursued by the government.
Eren and his fellow soldiers in Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3 are fighting for their lives not only against the terrifying Titans, but also against the terror of a far more cunning foe: humans.

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Hajime Isayama wrote and illustrated the manga series Attack on Titan (Japanese:, Hepburn: Shingeki no Kyojin, lit. "The Advancing Giants"). The story follows Eren Yeager, who vows to exterminate the Titans after a Titan destroys his hometown and kills his mother; it is set in a world where humanity lives inside cities surrounded by three enormous walls that protect them from the gigantic man-eating humanoids known as Titans; the story follows Eren Yeager, who vows to exterminate the Titans after a Titan destroys his hometown and kills his mother. From September 2009 to April 2021, Attack on Titan was serialized in Kodansha's monthly shnen manga magazine Bessatsu Shnen Magazine, with chapters collected in 34 tankbon volumes.

Wit Studio (seasons 1–3) and MAPPA (season 4) both produced anime television series. From April to September 2013, a 25-episode first season aired, followed by a 12-episode second season from April to June 2017. The third season consisted of 22 episodes, with the first 12 episodes airing from July to October 2018 and the final 10 episodes airing from April to July 2019. The fourth and final season premiered in December 2020, with the first 16 episodes airing in December 2020 and the rest set to air in January 2022.
Attack on Titan is a critical and financial success. The manga has over 100 million tankbon copies in print worldwide as of December 2019[update], making it one of the best-selling manga series of all time.

The Kodansha Manga Award, the Attilio Micheluzzi Award, and the Harvey Award are just a few of the accolades it has received..

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