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Koe Lyrics


hitomi tojireba koe ga kikoeru
itsumo dokoka de dareka ga yondeiru
tooi kioku no mori no oku fukaku
hitori bocchi de michi ni mayou yoru ni wa

kaeritai ano basho e mirai ga mieta koro
sotto kaeritai mou ichido anata ni aitai
kaze ga sawaide nemurenai

yume ni hagurete nayanda toki mo
kitto kotae wa jibun no naka ni aru
sora no yami kara furi sosogu hoshi ni
namida azukete shiroi asa wo sagasou

shinjiteru ima wa mou hitori de ikite
tsuyoku shinjiteru itsuka mata meguriau
hi made
kaze ni dakarete aruiteku

kikoeru dokoka de... kikoeru dareka no
kikoeru dokoka de... kikoeru anata no


If I close my eyes, I can hear a voice
Somewhere someone is always calling me
Deep in the heart of this forest of
distant memories
When at night all alone I loose myself

I want to go back, to that place, to
that time where I could see the future
Slowly I want to go back, once again I
want to meet you
Annoyed by the wind, I cannot sleep

Even when I am in doubt, gone astray in
Surely the answer lies within myself
To the stars that falls down from the
darkness of the sky
Let us entrust our tears and, then, let
us look out for a white morning

I believe now that I can go and live
I believe it strongly; Until the day we
fall on each other again
I will walk on, wrapped in the wind

I can hear, somewhere... I can hear,
someone's voice
I can hear, somewhere... I can here, your


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Itsuki Hanamichi - Koe Lyrics - Information

Title: Koe
Anime: Ayatsuri Sakon
English Title:Voice Lyrics
Type of Song:Other
Performed by:Itsuki Hanamichi

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Itsuki Hanamichi - Koe Lyrics belongs to the anime Ayatsuri Sakon Lyrics, take a look at the argument:

Sakon Tachibana, a puppeteer, is the dark-haired bishounen and the other is Ukon, his favorite puppet and best friend. Sakon is the (only) grandson of Saemon Tachibana, a Japanese national treasure famous for its Bunraku puppet abuse. Ukon is a children's puppet created by the renowned female dollmaker Unosuke in the early Meiji period. They run into crimes together, and they solve them.

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About Ayatsuri Sakon

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Ayatsuri Sakon ( 人形(からくり ) Karakurizōshi, lit. "Doll Puppeteer Sakon" is a Japanese manga series created by Masaru Miyazaki ( under the alias Sharakumaro ) and drawn by Takeshi Obata and also translated as Sakon, the Ventriloquist. It was serialized from May 1995 to January 1996 in the Shueisha magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump. The chapters were collected into four volumes bound with tankōbon. The story follows a bunraku puppeteer, Tachibana Sakon, who solves mysteries with a puppet, Ukon.
The manga was adapted by Tokyo Movie Shinsha into an anime television series and broadcasted from October 1999 to March 2000 on the WOWOW satellite network.

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