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Babylon Lyrics
Title: Babylon
Also Called:バビロン
Released on year:2019
Released in:Fall
Num Episodes:12


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Zen Seizaki is a conscientious public prosecutor at the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office, in the newly created Shiniki district of Tokyo. Assigned to a case involving false advertising, Zen&mdash, along with his assistant officer, Atsuhiko Fumio&mdash, is investigating Japan Supiri, a pharmaceutical firm that developed new drug clinical research. While examining Shin Inaba's file, a criminal-related anesthesiologist, the case takes a dark turn when Zen finds a page stained with a mixture of blood, hair, and skin, together with the letter "F" scribbled across the document.
When he further investigates, the case goes beyond Zen's imagination and becomes incredibly complex, questioning his sense of justice and awareness of the facts.

Digging deeper into the investigation, Zen starts to discover a secret conspiracy behind the ongoing mayoral election and connections with other people involved in and closer to the election than he feels. The situation becomes more serious and propels Zen into an unpredictable storm of corruption and deceit behind the voting, the creation of the Shiniki district, and the enigmatic woman connected with it all..

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