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Bananya Lyrics
Title: Bananya
Also Called:ばなにゃ
Released on year:2016
Released in:Summer
Num Episodes:13


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A bunch of ripe, yellow bananas hang quietly over a nondescript kitchen table. Suddenly one of the slender fruits starts to shake, at first gently then gradually rising in ferocity until it breaks away from the rest. The long, curvy edible slowly rolls back its golden peels with a graceful landing, exposing what lies underneath its firm cover to be ... Some cat?The enigmatic hybrid of feline-fruits is called Bananya. Carefree and sweet, the cute creature dreams of one day becoming a chocolate-bathed luscious bananya.
This kitten shrouded in gold, along with his fellow bananya, spends her days in the world without any concern, enjoying a very happy and peaceful life as she discovers what the world has to offer.


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About Bananya

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Bananya ( ばなにゃ ) is an original Japanese Anime TV series created by Gathering animation company. It aired from 4 July 2016 until 26 September 2016. The show follows a white cat, residing inside a banana. Crunchyroll had broadcast it outside of Japan. A second season was broadcasted from October 1 through December 24, 2019.

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