Battery Lyrics

バッテγƒͺγƒΌ 歌詞

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Battery Opening Lyrics

バッテγƒͺγƒΌ γ‚ͺープニング

Battery Ending Lyrics

バッテγƒͺγƒΌ エンディング
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Battery Lyrics
Title: Battery
Also Called:バッテγƒͺγƒΌ
Released on year:2016
Released in:Summer
Num Episodes:11


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Takumi Harada, who is just 12 years old, is already hailed as a prodigious baseball pitcher. But when his family moves to Nitta's backwater area, Takumi has little choice but to join the unqualified baseball team of his new school. This development has little impact on the kid, as he believes it is more interesting if his participation makes this no-name club a powerhouse. And due to his immense ability, Takumi needs a catcher capable of keeping up with his pitches.After meeting with Gou Nagakura, his fears are soon put to rest. Gou is eager to show, as his fan and fellow student, that he is not a mere braggart, but rather a player capable of catching Takumi's pitches.

Because of his irreverent nature, Takumi strives to form a "battery" with Gou, but continues to find the true joy of the sport under his grandfather's guidance..

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