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Battle Programmer SHIRASE Lyrics
Title: Battle Programmer SHIRASE
Released on year:2018
Released in:Spring
Num Episodes:13


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Subaru Ichinose enjoys being in his cockpit because it reminds him of being in his mother's womb. When he finds it difficult to communicate with his copilots, he retreats to his cockpit. It is his job to defend Mother Earth as the ace pilot aboard the Tiramisu, Earth Union's most important battleship, from the threats that arise from humanity's extended dominion spreading throughout the vast reaches of the universe.
Subaru, armed with his personal mecha Durandal, must defend his personal sanctuary from rogue fried pork skewers, suffocating backwards shirts, and unsolicited redecorations while fending off encroaching foreign colonies. The fate of humanity in the year Space Age 0156 is entirely in his hands.


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