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Title: Berserk
Also Called:Kenpuu Denki Berserk | Kenfu Denki Berserk | Sword-Wind Chronicle Berserk
Released on year:2016
Released in:Summer
Num Episodes:12


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Now branded for death and cursed to be pursued by demons until the day he dies, Guts embarks on a quest in spite of such a horrific destiny, as waves of beasts chase him relentlessly. Steeling his resolve, he takes up Dragonslayer's fearsome blade and promises to exact vengeance on the one responsible, chasing down the same man he once looked up to and considered a friend.He meets some unexpected friends along the way, such as a small elf called Puck, and Isidro, a young thief seeking to learn from the former mercenary about swordsmanship.
When the ragtag community gathers together slowly after agreeing to join Guts in their search, they will face extreme danger unlike anything they have ever seen.


Now that you know the argument, take a look at Berserk Lyrics also called Kenpuu Denki Berserk | Kenfu Denki Berserk | Sword-Wind Chronicle Berserk 歌詞

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Berserk ( Japanese: ベルセルク, Hepburn: Beruseruku ) is a Japanese manga series which Kentaro Miura wrote and illustrated. Set in a dark fantasy world inspired by medieval Europe, the story centers on Guts, a lone mercenary, and Griffith, the leader of a mercenary band called the "Band of the Hawk." In 1988 Miura premiered a Berserk prototype. The original series started the following year in the now-defunct Monthly Animal House magazine, which was replaced in 1992 by the bimonthly weekly Young Animal, where Berserk continues to be intermittently serialised.
The manga was adapted by Oriental Light and Magic into a twenty-five episode anime TV series that covered the series' Golden Age arc, airing from October 1997 to March 1998.

A film trilogy, Berserk: The Golden Age Story, came out in 2012. In 2016 and 2017 a second adaptation to anime TV was broadcast for a total of twenty-four episodes.As of January 2016, Berserk had a circulation of over 40 million copies..

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