BNA: Brand New Animal Insert Song (ep 11) Lyrics Maria Naganawa - Wish Lyrics


Ima hikari sasu basho e to ayumidashita
Itsukushimi fukaku tomoni owaranai yume
o miyō

Aketa mado kara maikonda fuwari yorufū
no messēji
Tayorinai kokoro mo kitto o mitōshi

Fuan o nugutte massugu ni ashita o
mitsumeru sono me ga
Kakegae no nai hibi o sotto tsukuridasu

Namida (fui ni) kobosu no wa kibō ga
(mada) aru koto o
Tsuyoku shinjiteirukara mune ni egaku
chikai i o sasageyō

Ima hikari sasu basho e to inori o
tsuranuite nugisuteta kokoro o
sarashite kakedasō
Hora tenshi ga michibiku tsugi no doa
sā yakusoku kawashita chi e tomoni Make
a Wish

Tama ni sunao ni narezu ni kotoba ga
kiba o muku hi mo
Hanaretemite kizuku sonna yasashi sa ni

Dare yori senobi shiteita chīsana
kokoro tsutsunda
Atatakana sono koe hotto ureshikute

Ai ga (fuwari) namida kawakashite mata
Koko o kitto tobidaseru itami yowa sa
subete o uketomete

Ima mune kogasu basho e to tamashī o
tsuredasō mabataki mo wasurete doko
made mo kakete kō
Hora doa no mukō utsukushī sekai mata
jibun o suki ni nareruyo
We 're the one, Let 's go

Ah utsumuku toki ni wa omoidashitene
Shinjiru tsuyo sa to chikara ga hatenaku
sono te ni wa aru

Nē kirameku watashitachi sekai o kaeteiku
sumiwataru inori ni tenshi ga maioriru
Hora fumidaseba itsumo Everything's all
Mō mirai ga te maneiteru Happiness in
yōr heart
Kiyoraka ni zutto


The soul who walks to the place where
light shines
Together let us have a deep and
cherishing dream that never ends

The message from the fluffy breeze of the
night that came in from an open window
You must also see through my unreliable

With my eyes staring at tomorrow, I shall
wipe my anxiety and go straight
And create those precious days that are

My tears (suddenly) spill because there
is hope (yet)
I believe strongly in the vow I drew in
my heart...I'm devoted

The prayer that pierces through the place
where light shines, let us run while
exposing our minds
Look, that is the door where the angels
guide, let us make a wish at the promise

There are sometimes I can't be honest,
and days where words don't come out
I notice such kindness only when I look

I wrapped up my small heart only to reach
higher than anyone
I'm relieved with joy when I heard that
warm voice

Love (fluffy) brings me the tears (once
more) I dried
I'm sure I can jump out of here, and take
burden of all the pain and weakness

Let's take the soul to the place where my
heart is burning, let's forget this
moment and run as far as we can
Look, the beautiful world on the other
side of the door, I'm beginning to like
myself again
We're the one, Let's go

Ah, when I look down as I fly I remember
The strength and power of believing are
limitless within those hands

Hey, we shine and we change the world,
while angels fallen upon a clear prayer
Look, when you step up as usual
Everything's all right
The future is already showing Happiness
in your heart
Pure and Forever


いつくしみ深く ともに終わらない夢を見よう

開けた窓から舞い込んだ ふわり夜風のメッセージ
頼りない心も きっとお見通し

かけがえのない日々を そっと創り出す

涙 (不意に)こぼすのは希望が (まだ)
強く信じているから 胸に描く誓いを 捧げよう

ほら天使が導く次のドア さぁ約束交わした地へ
ともにMake a Wish

たまに素直になれずに 言葉が牙を剥く日も
離れてみて気づく そんな優しさに

誰より背伸びしていた 小さな心包んだ
あたたかなその声 ホッと嬉しくて

愛が(ふわり) 涙乾かして また くれたから
ここをきっと飛び出せる 痛み 弱さ すべてを

We're the one, Let's go

Ah 俯く時には 思い出してね
信じる強さと力が果てなく その手にはある

all right
もう未来が手招いてる Happiness in
your heart

BNA: Brand New Animal Insert Song (ep 11) Lyrics - Information

Title: Wish
Anime: BNA: Brand New Animal
Type of Song:Other
Appears in:Insert Song (ep 11)
Performed by:Maria Naganawa, 長縄まりあ
Composed by:el
Arranged by:el
Lyrics by:rihoco

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This is a sky-bound world, with many islands strewn about. Zinkenstill, an island full of mysteries, was home to a boy named Gran and a talking winged lizard named Vyrn. They come across a girl named Lyria one day. Lyria had escaped the Erste Empire, a military government attempting to rule the world through its military might. Gran and Lyria set out into the vast skies to flee the Empire, holding the letter Gran's father left behind, which stated, "I will be waiting at Estalucia, Island of Stars."
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BNA: Brand New Animal (Japanese: BNA, Hepburn: B Enu), or simply BNA as it is known outside of Japan, is a Netflix original Japanese anime television series produced by Studio Trigger. The 12-episode first season, which was licensed by Netflix and directed by Yoh Yoshinari, premiered on Netflix in Japan in March 2020, with the remaining six episodes following in May of the same year. From April to June 2020, the series aired on Fuji TV's +Ultra anime programming block.

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