Bottle Fairy Oshiete, Sensei-san Lyrics

Oshiete, Sensei-san Lyrics

Oshiete, Sensei-san Lyrics

From the AnimeBottle Fairy

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mahou no kuni no onna no ko wa
totemo chiisa na yousei desu
obenkyou ningenkai
naritai yo suteki na MEIKU no onna no ko

kukibuki Bottle
aa, oshiete sensei-san
are mo, kore mo
motto shiritai

aa, shitte shitte sensei-san
sugoi himitsu, ienai koto zenbu


The girls from the magical country
are all tiny little fairies
Studying the human world,
we want to be pretty girls, all dressed

Flying bottles...
Ah, teach us, Sensei-san...
This, and that...
We want to know more!

Ah, you know so much, Sensei-san...
All of the amazing secrets you can't talk


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Bottle Fairy Oshiete, Sensei-san Lyrics - Information

Title:Oshiete, Sensei-san

AnimeBottle Fairy

Type of Song:Other

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Bottle Fairy Oshiete, Sensei-san Lyrics
Bottle Fairy Argument

Bottle Fairy Oshiete, Sensei-san Lyrics belongs to the anime Bottle Fairy, take a look at the argument:

We will approach the secret of the mysterious hero Mutou in a convenience store that appears to be everywhere, through the appearance of a convenience store clerk who does not speak properly, while raising problems with the way of modern communication.
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About Bottle Fairy

If you still want to learn more from the anime of the song Oshiete, Sensei-san, don't miss this information about Bottle Fairy:

Bottle Fairy (, Binzume Ysei) is an anime series about four fairies who discover the world's secrets from the comfort of their own home. The show originally aired on UHF syndication in Japan from October to December 2003, with each episode lasting only 12 minutes. It was licensed by Geneon in North America and released on two DVDs in 2005 and 2006.

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