Bungaku Shoujo sayonara no tsuzuki e Lyrics Annabel - sayonara no tsuzuki e Lyrics


kirei na mizu wo wakeau you ni
mujaki ni eien datte yumemiteita kara

tsunagiawasu kotobatachi no kanashii
kehai ni kizukenakute
kokoro ga nureteita koto mo wakaranakute

shizuka ni tadoru amai kioku
ano toki watasenakatta kimochi
sekai ga atarimae ni kureru komorebi no
tashika ni eien te omou kurai no
shiawase ga

waraiatta akarui koe wo shirazu shirazu
ni kizutsuketeku
kokoro ni ochita hidamari mo kieteita ne

karappo no kyou ga hiza wo kakaeteru
owatteku natsu wo miokurenai mama ni

sayonara no tsuzuki ni nani wo tsuzurou
sotto nagareru toki wo matte
kokoro no kagi ga hiraitara ai ni iku yo


because i had been innocently dreaming
about eternity
as though it was like sharing pristine
clear water

i didn't notice the hints of sadness in
the assembled words
nor did i realize my heart was soaking

i quietly retraced my sweet memories
the feelings i didn't convey that time
in the streaming sunshine the world had
always granted
i definitely felt so happy that i
thought it would last forever

unwittingly, i caused feelings of hurt
to our cheerful laughters
the patches of light that fell onto my
heart soon faded

on this empty day i hug my knees
without even seeing off the end of summer

what shall i write for the continuation
of goodbye?
i wait for time to gently drift away
once i unlock my heart i'll go to see you


作詞:こだまさおり 作曲・編曲:myu


心が濡れていたことも わからなくて


笑いあった明るい声を 知らず知らずに傷つけてく
心におちた日だまりも 消えていたね


心の鍵がひらいたら 会いにいくよ

Annabel - sayonara no tsuzuki e Lyrics - Information

Title: sayonara no tsuzuki e
Anime: Bungaku Shoujo
English Title:to the continuation of goodbye Lyrics
Type of Song:Other
Performed by:Annabel
Lyrics by:Kodama Saori, こだまさおり

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The only way to restore balance after the Ice Queen brings eternal winter to Nariadia is to gather human warriors and give them the power of Naria crystals. As a result, Animaru has chosen Urara, Inaho, and Hanabi, three middle school students, as warriors. The girls, on the other hand, are more concerned with mocking the events taking place around them and attempting to make money as idols.
The Ice Queen's familiars use the "Ice Mirror" to dupe the girls into performing ridiculous skits. Will Urara, Inaho, and Hanabi ever accept their roles as magical girls, or will their antics prove to be too distracting for them?

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