Card Captor Sakura Coupled with "Tooi Kono Machi de" Lyrics Kaitani Naomi - Sepia no Hi Lyrics


sonna ni mukuchi ni nattara
waraenaku naru ja nai
daremo inai kousha aruita
kaze ni tobasarenai you ni
mujaki ni waratta shashin wa
iroasete iku keredo
soko ni wa ima demo kaze ga fuite
namida ga tomaranai

toorisugita hi no ato wa
joukei dake ga zutto nokoru
fuzakeatta toki mo surechigatta toki
chanto kono me de mite okitai

mou kimi to aenai
onaji yume tooku made oikaketa
SEPIA no hi itsu made mo
kagayaite futari no takaramono

yuugure eki no HO-MU de
zawameki to BERU ga hibiku
chiisaku unazuita koe sae todokazu ni
sabishiku naru

kotoba ni shiyou to omou to
naze da kasugu ni kiete shimau
totemo taisetsu de kakegaenai mono de
wakatte-iru no ni ienai mama

nanika wo motomete kokoro no DOA wo
fuan ni makesou de miageta sora
kimi no mama de ite jibun no chikara
wo shinjite
atarashii kisetsu wo sagashi ni yukou

mou kimi to aenai
tsugi no SUTE-JI e to mukatte iku
wasurenai yo ookiku te wo futta

yuuhi no kaze ni osarete
yukkuri to densha ga ugokidasu
mata itsuka kono basho e
SEPIA no hi natsu e kaette koyou


When you withdraw into silence like that
you can't laugh, right?
The picture of you smiling innocently
as you walked through the empty school
as if the wind wouldn't let you fly
is fading,
but even now a wind still blows there
and the tears won't stop

What's left behind after days gone by
is always, just a scene.
The times we played around, the times we
crossed each other
I want to see them right with my own

I can't see you any more
We chased the after same dreams into the
Sepia-colored days - always
shine, as our precious treasure.

Bells echo noisily
At the station platform at twilight
I bowed my head a little, my voice
couldn't reach you
And it made me lonely

When I think about expressing my
why do the words suddenly disappear?
Even though I realize what's so precious,
so irreplacable, I can't say it.

Search after something, open the door to
your heart.
The sky you looked up at as you were
going to give in to doubts...
Stay as you are, believe in your own
Let's go in search of a new season.

I can't see you any more
I'm going on to the next stage
Sepia-colored days - Sayonara
I won't forget how you gave me a big
wave goodbye

Pushed by the evening winds
the train slowly begins to move.
Someday, let's come back again, to this
to sepia-colored days, to summer...



歌 :皆谷尚美


ふざけあった時も すれ違った時も
ちゃんとこの目で 見ておきたい

 同じ夢 遠くまで追いかけた
セピアの日 いつまでも
 輝いて 二人の宝物


とても大切で かけがえないもので
分かっているのに 言えないまま

何かを求めて 心のドアを開けて
君のままでいて 自分の力を信じて

セピアの日 サヨナラ
 忘れないよ 大きく手を振った

またいつか この場所へ

Card Captor Sakura Coupled with "Tooi Kono Machi de" Lyrics - Information

Title: Sepia no Hi
Anime: Card Captor Sakura
English Title:Sepia-colored Days Lyrics
Type of Song:Other
Appears in:Coupled with "Tooi Kono Machi de"
Performed by:Kaitani Naomi
Composed by:Kaitani Naomi
Arranged by:Toriyama Yuuji

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Sakura Kinomoto is your fourth grader, ten-year-old garden type, before she stumbles on a mysterious book with a deck of cards one day. She has no time to decipher what the cards mean, sadly, as she inadvertently stirs up a magical wind rage and unwittingly scatters the cards all over the place. The Beast of the Seal, Keroberos (nicknamed Kero-chan), unexpectedly awakened from the novel, informs Sakura that she has released the magical Clow Cards created by sorcerer Clow Reed. The Cards are not commonplaythings. Each one of them possesses incredible powers and Clow sealed all the Cards inside a book because they want to function independently.

Now that the Cards are out, they present a serious danger to the world, and it is up to Sakura to prevent the Cards from causing a disaster!Appointing Sakura as the "Cardcaptor" title and awarding her the Sealed Key, Keroberos is charged with locating and retrieving all the Cards. Together with her best friend Tomoyo Daidouji and with Kero-chan's guidance, Sakura has to learn how to reconcile her new hidden duty with a young girl's everyday troubles involving love, family, and school, as she flies on her magical adventures as Sakura the Cardcaptor..

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Cardcaptor Sakura ( Japanese: カードキャプターさくら, Hepburn: Kādokyaputā Sakura ) is a Japanese manga shōjo series, written and illustrated by the Clamp manga collective. The manga was originally serialized in Nakayoshi from May 1996 to June 2000, and reprinted by Kodansha from November 1996 to July 2000 in 12 tankōbon volumes. The plot focuses on Sakura Kinomoto, a student of elementary school who discovers supernatural powers after inadvertently releasing a series of supernatural cards; she has to recover the cards to prevent catastrophe. A sequel by Lock, Cardcaptor Sakura: In 2016 in Nakayoshi, Simple Card, based on Sakura in junior high school, began serialisation.
The series was adapted by Madhouse into a 70-episode anime television series that aired from April 1998 to March 2000 on Japan's satellite television channel NHK BS2.

Additional media include anime movies, video games, art books, photo books, and movie comic books. From March 2000 to August 2003 Tokyopop published the manga in English in North America. After the expiry of the Tokyopop license, Dark Horse Manga published the series in omnibus formats from October 2010 through September 2012.Under the English title Cardcaptors, which first aired on Kids' WB from June 2000 to December 2001, Nelvana licensed the TV series and first film for North America.
All 70 episodes were dubbed; while the full run was received in other English-speaking territories, the version broadcast on American television was heavily edited into 39 episodes.

Cardcaptors also aired on Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon and Teletoon. Geneon sub-licensed the TV series and films, which released them with unedited English subtitles. Madman Entertainment had already launched the TV show in Australia and New Zealand.Cardcaptor Sakura was received with critical acclaim. Reviews praised and described the manga as a quintessential shōjo manga, as well as a critical work for manga in general. In 2001, the manga series received the Seiun Award for Best Book.
The television series was lauded for transcending its target audience of young children and being fun to older audiences, and for its artwork, humor, and animation; it received the Animage Grand Prix award for Best Anime in 1999.

Nonetheless, the American Cardcaptors edit has been criticized for eliminating elements that are important to the story..

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