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Suki na no Purishira Lyrics


purishira boku wa minai de
kondo wa motto yuuki wo dashite
anna yatsu ni wa makenai sa
purshira purishira hana wo tsumou yo
itsuka wa futari kenka wo shinai de
yama no mukou he tabi wo shiyou

purshira mado ga kurai ne
ikatteiru no yurushite hoshii
konna hema nanka moushinai
purishira purshira boku wo shinjite
itsuka wa tsuyoi otoko ni natte
kimi he no ai wo utaunda


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Froggy Mix - Suki na no Purishira Lyrics - Information

Title: Suki na no Purishira
Anime: Carimello
Type of Song:Other
Performed by:Froggy Mix
Composed by:: Pascal Caubet
Lyrics by:: Krystyna Ferencowicz

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Froggy Mix - Suki na no Purishira Lyrics belongs to the anime Carimello Lyrics, take a look at the argument:

A story about a teacher who treats a delinquent class at a crossdressing.

Rin Kasahara based on his manga of the same name.

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About Carimello

If you still want to learn more from the anime of the song Froggy Mix - Suki na no Purishira Lyrics don't miss this information about Carimello Lyrics:

Calimero ( カリメロ, Karimero ) is a Japanese-Italian animation about a cute yet hapless anthropomorphized chicken; the only black one in a yellow chickens band. He also bears half his egg shell on his back. Initially appearing on the Italian TV show Carosello on 14 July 1963, Calimero soon became a prominent icon in Italy.The characters were created by the Organizzazione Pagot animation company, which started as a series of animated commercials seen in Italy for Miralanza AVA soap products. Nino Pagot, Toni Pagot and Ignazio Colnaghi were the principal character designers.
It turns out at the end of each episode that Calimero isn't really black, but just rather dirty, and becomes white after being washed by the advertised soap.

The characters later got licensed as an anime series in Japan, twice.The first was made by Toei Animation and ran from 15 October 1972 to 30 September 1975 and the second was made in 1992 with new settings and characters. In total, there were 99 Japanese episodes ( カリメロ, Karimero ).The series mainly consists of Calimero's and his friends' many adventures as they solve mysteries and make documentaries. However, their adventures typically put them in quite a bit of trouble.
The second series was never renewed for a second season. An English dubbed version was never made for the first two anime series, however they came out in other languages.

The production team includes France's Gaumont Animation, right owner Calidra, Italy's Studio Campedelli and Japanese partners TV Tokyo and Kodansha. Several other TV channels are expected to aire the show..

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