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yume ni mita...
moeru you na KIRAMEKI no naka de
yurete iru kaoshiki maboroshi no miyako

genwaku no te maneki ni michibikareru
tamashii wa hakitorare nuke kara ga ayumu

higashi no sora wo mezasu kataude no
tori-tachi mo
ooi naru kaze no uta ni maiagari

nageku hodo ai ga aru.
umareru mae kara tasogare wo mi ni matou
yurusarezaru mono

hoshikuzu furu sakyuu wo chi no hate
made arukou
atsuku naru suna no umi de seirei wa
utau kara

hibikaseta kimi no koe ga todoku no nara
boku wa mata arukidasou kuzureru made
sukoshi dake yume ni mayoi nagasarete mo
dakishimeta suna wo kaze ni nosete

kaseki ga toki wo kizami genshi kara
yobi samasu
samayoeba garasu no kawa me kakushi de
oyogu kara

hibikaseta kimi no koe ga todoku no nara
boku wa mata arukidasou kuzureru made
mi kiwameta yume ni mayoi nagasarete mo
dakishimeta suna mo kaze mo kawarazu ni

towa ni tsuzuku kodoku no tabi de ashi
wo torarete mo
mou kaeranai kono michi wo...


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燃える様な キラメキの中で
揺れている 香しき 幻の都

魂は 剥ぎ取られ 抜け穀が歩む

東の空を目指す 片腕の鳥達も
大いなる風の唄に 舞い上がり踊らされ

嘆く程 愛がある。
生まれる前から 黄昏を身にまとう 許されざる者

星くず降る砂丘を 地の果てまで歩こう
熱くなる 砂の海で 聖霊は歌うから

響かせた君の声が 届くのなら
僕はまた歩き出そう 崩れるまで
少しだけ夢に迷い 流されても

化石が時代を刻み 原始から呼び覚ます
さまよえば硝子の河 目隠しで泳ぐから

僕はまた歩き出そう 崩れるまで
見極めた 夢に迷い 流されても
抱きしめた砂も 風も 変わらずに

永遠に続く 孤独の旅で 足を取られても
もう帰らない この旅路を...

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Type of Song:Ending

Appears in:Ending Theme

Performed by:SAIKORO KOROKKE (Psycho Le Cemu)

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SAIKORO KOROKKE (Psycho Le Cemu) Visitor Lyrics belongs to the anime Croquette!, take a look at the argument:

The mysterious "Huge" creatures appeared all over the world fifty years ago, posing an existential threat to humanity. Soldiers in the form of teenage girls known as "Lilies" use the energy "Magie" within their bodies to power weapons known as "Counter Huge ARMS" or "CHARMS" to defend against these threats.
Riri Hitotsuyanagi vowed to become a Lily after being saved by a Lily two years ago while fleeing a Huge attack. She enrolls in Yurigaoka, a prestigious academy for Lilies, and discovers that one of her classmates is Yuyu Shirai, the same Lily who rescued her. However, the person she thought was cheerful turns out to be antisocial and prefers to fight alone, much to her surprise. Despite this, Riri still wants to get along with Yuyu and is willing to go to any length to achieve her goal.
Riri's journey to becoming one of the Lilies has just blossomed with Yuyu and the other Lilies by her side!

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A croquette (/krokt/) is a type of dumpling made up of a thick binder and a filling that is breaded and deep-fried and served as a side dish, snack, or fast food in many countries around the world. A thick béchamel or brown sauce, mashed potatoes, wheat flour, or wheat bread are commonly used as binders. A salpicon is a mixture of a binder and a filling that has been mixed or stuffed into it. Finely chopped meat, seafood, cheese, rice, pasta, mushrooms, and various vegetables, as well as seasonings like herbs and spices, are common fillings. A pastry cream binder can be used to bind sweet croquettes, which can then be filled with fruit. Croquettes can be made in a variety of shapes, including disks, ovals, and balls.

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