D.Gray-man Hallow Lyrics

D. Grey-man Hallow | γƒ‡γ‚£γƒΌγƒ»γ‚°γƒ¬γ‚€γƒžγƒ³ ハロー 歌詞

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D. Grey-man Hallow | γƒ‡γ‚£γƒΌγƒ»γ‚°γƒ¬γ‚€γƒžγƒ³ ハロー γ‚ͺープニング

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D. Grey-man Hallow | γƒ‡γ‚£γƒΌγƒ»γ‚°γƒ¬γ‚€γƒžγƒ³ ハロー エンディング
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D.Gray-man Hallow Lyrics
Title: D.Gray-man Hallow
Also Called:D. Grey-man Hallow | γƒ‡γ‚£γƒΌγƒ»γ‚°γƒ¬γ‚€γƒžγƒ³ ハロー
Released on year:2016
Released in:Summer
Num Episodes:13


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Notwithstanding the recent assault on Akuma, Black Order members are in good spirits as they set about moving to a new location. Nevertheless, soon after his arrival, the Central Agency unexpectedly appeals to Allen Walker and the Order firmly seals his head. He is then led to a shocking meeting with his boss, General Cross Marian, revealing exciting secrets about the mysterious 14th Noah.
A fantasy thief event, the arrival of a mysterious party of exorcists, the death of a major comrade, and an all-out fight against the Noah Family β€” what does that mean for Allen, Yuu Kanda, and the rest of the Order? This is but the start of a series of odd, seemingly unconnected events leading to something much greater.


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D.Gray-man Hallow ( stylised as "D.Gray-man HALLOW" ) is a series of anime adapted from the manga Katsura Hoshino, D.Gray-man. Produced by TMS Entertainment and 8PAN and directed by Yoshiharu Ashino, it is a sequel to the previous D.Gray-man anime series and follows a young Black Order exorcist named Allen Walker who is responsible for the destruction of weapons, known as Akuma, using artifacts known as "Innocence." The Akuma was created by an ancient sorcerer known as the Earl of the Millennium, who is allied with the Noah Family. The plot focuses on the link between Allen and the Noah and his ally, Yu Kanda, who they plan to use.

This series of TV anime was revealed at the 2016 event Jump Festa in Shueisha. From July 4, 2016 to September 26, 2016, it aired in Japan, with 13 episodes totaling. It's also aired on Animax Asia. Funimation announced on 23 June 2016 that they had approved Hallow and would stream it online. Funimation has announced the English version, and it began on 3 August 2016.The episodes were initially planned to be released in a total of six volumes for DVD and Blu-ray in Japan. Nevertheless, Hallow's home media release was postponed to an undisclosed release date in September 2016, due to unmentioned reasons. The official D.
Gray-man Hallow website announced in March 2017 that the home media release was cancelled because of "various circumstances"10.

The anime's music was written by Kaoru Wada. The opening theme song for the show is "Link-Bring it on, My Destiny-" by Lenny code fiction, and the closing theme is Mashiro Ayano's "Lotus Pain." The Lenny code fiction single was released on 31 August 2016, while the release of "Lotus Pain" on 2 August 2016.1112.

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