D.N.Angel Songs Lyrics

DNAngel | DN Angel | D.N. Angel | D・N・ANGEL
D.N.Angel Songs Lyrics


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D.N.Angel Songs
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Anime Information


Also Called:DNAngel | DN Angel | D.N. Angel | D・N・ANGEL


Released on year:2017

Released in:Summer

Num Episodes:12

Anime Genres


Kyou Nukui hasn't missed a single class since starting high school. Instead, he spends his days locked in his room, composing music and uploading it to the internet, accompanied by drawings by his only friend, an artist who goes by the moniker "Kiriyume." Kyou reluctantly uploads TR03, his latest composition and first departure from his usual style. Furthermore, he uploads under the name "me" rather than his usual handle "HibikiP," and without a drawing from his mysterious friend.
Kyou receives a very nice email shortly after, not only praising his music but also inferring that he is, in fact, the TR03 composer. The e-mail also requests a meetup in a nearby park, which he reluctantly accepts. However, he is surprised to find three elementary school girls at the meeting location! Jun Gotou, Nozomi Momijidani, and Sora Kaneshiro unexpectedly ask for his assistance in organizing a concert at their home, an old church that is now used as an orphanage. And, despite his initial reluctance, Kyou eventually decides to accept their proposal after witnessing their musical abilities.
Tenshi no 3P! is based on the award-winning Sagu Aoyama's light novel of the same name, and it follows Kyou as these three angels change his life.


Yukiru Sugisaki's manga series D.N.Angel (stylized as D•N•ANGEL) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by him. In November 1997, the manga was first published in Japan in the Kadokawa Shoten shjo magazine Monthly Asuka. After the August 2005 issue, the series went on hiatus for a while before returning in April 2008. The individual chapters have been collected by Kadokawa Shoten and published in 15 tankbon and 5 e-books. Tokyopop has licensed the manga series for English language release in North America and the United Kingdom, with 13 volumes released as of 2011. The manga was adapted into a 26-episode anime series by Xebec, which aired on TV Tokyo in Japan from April 3, 2003 to September 25, 2003. Later, the anime was adapted into a two-volume manga, a PlayStation 2 video game, and a set of drama CDs.