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Theater of Life Lyrics


Tatoeru no nara kono sekai wa sou
Onaji iro to oto de egaku
Monokuro no sairento gekijou

Nando onaji kyou wo sugoshitatte
Ashita wa konai mama

Dare to mo chigau kibou ya akogare ha
Yume to yobareteita sabitsuita kotoba
Nanimo nozomenai no wa ikitenai to issho
Hibiku eraa wo kinou no tsuzuki wa mou
takusan da

Ikiteru tada sonna jikkan ga hoshikatta
Koronda ato no kono itami sura itoshii
Kizutsuitemo kurushikutemo mae ni
susumeru kara
Kodou ga "mada da!" tte nariyamenai

hontou to no iro to
chanto no oto ga
Ima, katarihajimeta ashita no hanashi


If I try to describe this world,
It's like a monochromatic silent theater
That's drawn by the same colors and sounds

If you spend the same every day
Tomorrow will never come

Hopes and admirations that's different
from others
They used to be called dreams, it's a
rusty word
If I can't hope for anything, it's the
same as not living
The sound of errors are echoing, I had
enough continuing yesterday

I am alive, that's the feeling I wanted
to get
I even treasure the pain after I tripped
Even if I get hurt or am suffering, I can
still go forward
My heartbeat is telling me "not yet"

Real color and actual sounds started to
tell tomorrow's tale




誰とも違う 希望や憧れはかつて
夢と呼ばれていた 錆びついた言葉
何も望めないのは 生きてないと一緒だ
響くエラーを 昨日の続きはもう 沢山だ

生きてる ただそんな実感が欲しかった
転んだ後の この痛みすら愛しい
傷ついても 苦しくても前に進めるから

今、語り始めた 明日の話

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Title: Theater of Life
Anime: Deca-Dence
Type of Song:Opening
Appears in:Opening Theme
Performed by:Konomi Suzuki, 鈴木このみ

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Deca-Dence Opening Theme Lyrics belongs to the anime Deca-Dence Lyrics, take a look at the argument:

Many years have passed since the abrupt arrival of the alien life forms Gadoll brought mankind to the verge of extinction. Some remaining humans now live in a Deca-dence 3000 m high mobile fortress designed to defend themselves from the invasion of Gadoll.
Deca-dence Denizens fell into two categories: Gears, regular warriors battling the Gadoll, and Tankers, those without the combat skills. One day, a Tanker girl who dreams of being a Weapon, Natsume meets surly Kaburagi, a Deca-dence armour repairman.
This unlikely encounter between the two seemingly opposites, the girl with a optimistic outlook who never gives up on her dreams and the realist who has given up on her, will eventually change this world's future path.


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Deca-Dence ( Japanese: デカダンス, Hepburn: Dekadansu ) is an original NUT-produced and animated anime television show. The show premiered on 8 July 2020.

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