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Waremono Lyrics


Taisetsu na mono ni hodo Chiisa na kizu
Ki ni naru kara
Sugu soba ni kanjite mo Fureru no mo
Anata dake hitokoto de Kono omoi kowaseru
Kotoba ni wa dekinakute Fukaku Fukaku

Nani hitotsu Motomezu ni irarenai yo
Tooku kara Anata wo miteiru dake de
Dakedo Mada Shinjitsu ni chikazukenai
Te wo nobasenai no

Itsu kara ka Anata kara Mune no naka
Itoshii Kono kimochi Moratta
Kowasenai Kowasenai Kowashitai
wow Kurushii yo
Kizutsuite Kizutsukete Kira-kira to
Yuuki ga Soredemo Areba
Mata chigau Jibun ni Ashita ni
Dekiru ka mo shirenai
Dakedo mo Ima wa Ieru Koto wa Hitotsu

Mabushikute Kirei demo Kazaru tame no
mono ja nai
Anata e to todoketai Uketomete moraeru

Itsuka no hi ka Kono kyori wo koerareru
Itsuka no hi ka Watashi wa tonari ni iru
Dakedo ima sukitooru Ai wa tooku
Hakanai waremono

Itsu kara ka Anata e no Mune no naka
Masshiro na omoi wo Moratta
Tsutaenai Todokanai Ikiba no nai
wow Setsunai yo

Suki dakara Iidasenai Anata wo Ushinau
Koto bakari Ukande shimau no
Soshitara Watashi wa Konagona ni
Warete shimau deshou
Soredemo Itsuka Soba ni Itai Zutto
Anata ga suki


The more important a thing is, the more I
worry about the small fractures in it
so even though I felt you by me I was
afraid even to touch you
But I couldn't make myself to tell it to
you because
Because only you can shatter these
feelings with a single word

I can't just keep looking at you from
and not searching for anything at all
But I can't get closer to the truth yet
I can't extend my hand

When was it when I received from you
this painful and warm feeling inside my
I can't break it, I can't break it, I
want to break it
wow, it pains me so!
But if I'll still have the courage
that hurts, gets hurt and XXX's
then who knows, maybe the new me that
I'll be tomorrow
might be able to do it
But right now there's only one thing that
I can say:
"thank you"

Though it's blindingly beautiful it's
not a mere ornament
I want send it to you, if only you take
it in

Can we cross this distance some day?
Will I stand by your side some day?
For right now the love that shines
is but a flickering, fragile thing

When was it when I received these snow
white feelings
that shine in my heart just for you?
I can't convey them, they won't reach
you, they have nowhere to go
wow, It's so agonizing

I love you so I can't say it,
only the thought of losing you comes to
my mind
If that would happen
I would crumble into dust
But still I want to be by your side some
I love you


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Suitei Shoujo - Waremono Lyrics - Information

Title: Waremono
Anime: E'S Otherwise
English Title:Fragile Thing Lyrics
Type of Song:Other
Performed by:Suitei Shoujo
Composed by:Funta
Arranged by:Yoshio Miratsu
Lyrics by:Kei Noguchi

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Suitei Shoujo - Waremono Lyrics belongs to the anime E'S Otherwise Lyrics, take a look at the argument:

Shinyo Academy's female students have been having hushed discussions about an enigmatic supernatural entity. This is Boogiepop, a Shinigami who is said to murder people when they are at their most attractive before their allure fades. Few are aware of his true nature: a guardian who, in between periods of dormancy, manifests as Touka Miyashita, a high school girl, to fend off "the world's enemies." A series of mysterious disappearances, which the school assumed were simply runaways, has reawakened Boogiepop. However, somewhere in the academy, a dangerous creature lurks, waiting for the right moment to strike.
While delving into its characters' complex relationships, emotions, memories, and pasts, Boogiepop wa Warawanai subtly explores the intrinsic associations between human beings and their perception of time.


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Satoru Yuiga's E's (Japanese:, Hepburn: Esu) is a Japanese shnen manga series written and illustrated by him. From 1997 to 2005, it was serialized in Monthly GFantasy, and from March 18, 2003 to February 27, 2010, it was published by Square Enix in 16 tankbon volumes. Kai Kud, an "Esper," is recruited by the Ashurum organization to become a soldier in order to purportedly save other psychics from regular humans. Kai finds himself living with a man named Yuuki and his adopted sister Asuka after a mission in Gald goes wrong. As he learns more about Ashurum, Kai begins to wonder about their true intentions, as well as his sick sister, who is in Ashurum's care.

Studio Pierrot adapted the series into a twenty-six episode anime series entitled E's Otherwise (). It premiered on TV Tokyo on April 1, 2003, with the final episode airing on September 23, 2003. In Japan, two light novels and three drama CDs based on the series were also released.
In 2006, Broccoli Books acquired the rights to publish the manga series in English in North America. The anime series was licensed for broadcast and distribution in North America by ADV Films, with the English dubbed version of the series airing on Anime Network..

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