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エンドラむド 歌詞

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エンドラむド γ‚ͺープニング

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エンドラむド エンディング
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Endride Lyrics
Title: Endride
Also Called:エンドラむド
Released on year:2016
Released in:Spring
Num Episodes:24

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Shun Asanaga is a high school student aged 15, with an positive and bright personality. One day, his father, who is a scientist and businessman, finds a mysterious crystal in his office. When Shun touches it, the universe gets distorted, and he is taken into Endra's house. Emilio, a prince of Endra's kingdom, is approaching his 16th birthday and despises Delzain, the reigning King. Because Emilio is now at the age where he will be able to inherit the throne, he takes up a weapon and seeks revenge. And because Emilio is too weak, Delzain catches him and throws him in prison.

When Emilio is in grief, his cell wall becomes distorted, and from there Shun appears with two goals: return to his own world, and complete Emilio's revenge. What future lies ahead for the two boys trying to survive in Endra, yet raised in two different worlds?.

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About Endride

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Endride ( エンドラむド, Endoraido ) is a Japanese multimedia project with a similar-name anime and a mobile game named Endride: X Fragments ( エンドラむド ~X fragments~, Endoraido: Kurosu Furagumentsu ). The project features original Kazushi Hagiwara and Nobuhiro Watsuki character designs. Brain's Base and Lapin Track's anime television series, directed by Keiji Gotoh and written by Tōko Machida, aired from April 2, 2016a through September 24, 2016. As of November 24, 2016, the smartphone game was released.

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