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Fate Stay Night
Fate/Stay Night Songs Lyrics


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Fate/Stay Night Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Fate/Stay Night

Also Called:Fate Stay Night


Released on year:2006

Released in:Winter

Num Episodes:24


Shirou is saved and adopted by Kiritsugu Emiya, who teaches him the ways of magic and justice after his family is killed in a mysterious inferno.
Shirou is cleaning at school one night, years after Kiritsugu's death, when he finds himself caught in the middle of a deadly battle between two superhumans known as Servants. The boy is caught by one of the Servants during his attempt to flee and suffers a life-threatening injury. He miraculously survives, but the same Servant returns to complete the task he began. Shirou summons his own Servant, a knight named Saber, in desperation. The two must now fight in the Fifth Holy Grail War, a battle royale between seven Servants and the mages who summoned them, with the omnipotent Holy Grail as the grand prize.
Shirou's ideals clash with the harsh reality around him in Fate/stay Night as he struggles to find the fine line between hero and killer. Will the boy, like his foster father, become a hero or die trying?


Type-Moon's Fate/stay Night is a Japanese adult visual novel that was first released for Windows on January 30, 2004. Fate/stay night: Fate/stay night: Fate/stay night: Fate/stay night: Fate/stay night: Fate/stay night: Fate/stay night: Fate/stay night: Fate/stay night Réalta Nua (Irish for "new stars") was released in 2007 for the PlayStation 2 and later for download on Windows as a trilogy covering the three main storylines. It features the Japanese voice actors from the anime series. Réalta Nua was also released on PS Vita, iOS, and Android. The plot revolves around Shirou Emiya, a young mage who becomes a warrior in the Holy Grail War, a battle between "Servants." Shirou develops a bond with a heroine and faces various mages who are involved in the war along each route. Between February 2006 and December 2012, Datto Nishiwaki's manga series adaptation was serialized in Kadokawa Shoten's Shnen Ace magazine. Tokyopop licensed the manga for an English-language release in North America in 2007. Between January and June 2006, Studio Deen aired a 24-episode anime series in Japan. Sentai Filmworks has licensed the television series and has re-released it on DVD and Blu-ray Disc for the first time. On January 23, 2010, Studio Deen released a film adaptation in Japanese theaters. Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works, a second anime television series produced by Ufotable that aired between October 2014 and June 2015, followed the game's second route rather than the first. In 2015, a second manga adaptation was released, this time focusing solely on the third path. The visual novel's Heaven's Feel route was adapted into a film trilogy, with the first film, presage flower, released in 2017, the second film, lost butterfly, released in 2019, and the final film, spring song, released in late 2020 after being postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Fate/stay night spawned the Fate media franchise, which includes a slew of adaptations and spin-offs across multiple platforms. Type-Moon released Fate/hollow ataraxia, a sequel to Fate/stay night, on October 28, 2005. It takes place six months after the events of Fate/stay night. From 2006 to 2007, a light novel series titled Fate/Zero was published as a prequel to Fate/stay night, with an anime adaptation by Ufotable airing between October 2011 and June 2012. Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya, a spin-off magical girl manga series, began serialization in 2007 and has spawned multiple anime television series. Fate/unlimited codes for arcades and PlayStation 2, Fate/tiger colosseum, and Fate/tiger colosseum Upper for PSP are the three fighting games that have been released. Fate/Extra, a PSP RPG, was released on July 22, 2010, and Fate/Extra CCC, a sequel and companion game, was released on March 28, 2013. On July 29, 2015, an online RPG titled Fate/Grand Order was released on Android, followed by an iOS release on August 12; on December 31, 2016, an anime film adaptation by Lay-duce was released, with sequel adaptations by CloverWorks and Production I.G.