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Galaxy Cyclone Braiger Lyrics
Title: Galaxy Cyclone Braiger
Also Called:Ginga Senpuu Braiger
Released on year:2010
Released in:Spring
Num Episodes:11


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A lonely third-year college student meets a man with an eggplant-shaped head who claims to be a god of matrimony one autumn evening at a mysterious ramen stand behind the Shimogamo Shrine. Meeting this man prompts the student to reflect on his previous two years at college, two years spent bitterly trying to break up couples on campus with his only friend Ozu, a ghoulish-looking man who appears bent on making his life as miserable as possible. Resolving to make the most of the rest of his college career, the student tries but fails to ask out the unsociable but kind-hearted underclassman Akashi, leading him to regret not living out his college years differently.

However, as soon as this thought crosses his mind, he is hurled through time and space to the start of his college years and given a second chance to live his life.
Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei is a surreal, artistic, and mind-bending story about a young man on a quest to make friends, find love, and live the rose-colored campus life he'd always imagined.

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About Galaxy Cyclone Braiger

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Galaxy Cyclone Braiger (, Ginga Senp Buraig) is a mecha anime series that aired in Japan from 1981 to 1982. There were a total of 39 episodes that aired. "Braiger," "Bryger," "Brygar," "Galactic Whirlwind Bryger," "Galactic Cyclone Buraiger," and "Cosmo Runner" are some of the other loosely translated names. The overarching story continues in Galactic Gale Baxingar and Galactic Whirlwind Sasuraiger over the course of several centuries.

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