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Ginsou Kikou Ordian Lyrics
Title: Ginsou Kikou Ordian
Also Called:Platinumhugen Ordian
Released on year:2017
Released in:Spring
Num Episodes:12

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Suigin Riku, a high school student and gamer, attends Shinryou Private Academy, a prestigious school for the wealthy and their children. Suigin, on the other hand, is neither rich nor wealthy; in fact, he is dirt poor and must work multiple part-time jobs to pay for his tuition. He dives into a pool to save his pet cat during one of these jobs, despite the fact that he cannot swim. Rei Riku, the beautiful and well-known daughter of a game developer, saves him, and he falls in love with her.
He's also attracted to another girl, a new acquaintance he made in Dungeon Century, his favorite online role-playing game.

But, as the game nears its end, he realizes that his adventures with her are coming to an end. The day after the game is turned off, he discovers that Rei and the online girl are the same person. Soon after, Rei gives Suigin a new game to replace Dungeon Century: Grave Buster, a tomb raiding game. However, when Rei is abducted, Suigin is dragged inside Grave Buster to save her.
Suigin is followed by Gin no Guardian as he plays through Grave Buster in order to save Rei while uncovering the game's secrets.

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Silver Armor Knight Audian (, Gins Kikdian, lit. Platinumhugen Ordian) is a Japanese anime series. The 24 episodes, directed by Masami Bari, aired on WOWOW from April 4, 2000 to September 19, 2000.
Following 1997's Virus Buster Serge, Ordian was Masami Obari's second attempt at directing an anime television series.

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