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Guri Guri | Green Green TV | グリーングリーン 歌詞

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Guri Guri | Green Green TV | グリーングリーン オープニング

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Guri Guri | Green Green TV | グリーングリーン エンディング

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Green Green Lyrics
Title: Green Green
Also Called:Guri Guri | Green Green TV | グリーングリーン
Released on year:2003
Released in:Summer
Num Episodes:12


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Kanenone Gakuen is a Japanese all-male boarding school in the countryside. Even though an all-male school isn't uncommon, life can be difficult when there are no female students for miles. The school board has decided to try to merge with the nearest all-girl boarding school in order to become co-ed in order to help everyone involved's psychological health. The Kanenone boys are ecstatic, and the girls are curious as to how much more interesting school life would be if there were more boys around. The girls have been invited to stay at Kanenone for a month as a test before any serious decisions are made.

Green Green is a film about Yuusuke Takazaki and his naughty roommates, the Baka (Idiot) Trio, and their ability to talk to girls without embarrassing themselves. However, as soon as the girls' school bus arrives, things start to get weird, hormonal, and hysterical. Midori Chitose, in particular, leaps off the bus and immediately embraces a befuddled Yuusuke. Is he a natural ladies' man, or do they share a history that he isn't aware of?.

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The country song "Green, Green Grass of Home," written by Claude "Curly" Putman Jr. and first recorded by singer Johnny Darrell in 1965, was made famous by Porter Wagoner the same year, when it reached No. 4 on the Country chart. Bobby Bare and Jerry Lee Lewis recorded it, and it was included in his album Country Songs for City Folks (later re-issued as All Country). Tom Jones covered Lewis' version of the song and had a worldwide No. 1 hit with it in 1966.

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