Hanamaru Youchien 7th Ending Theme Lyrics Hino Satoshi and Hirota Shion - Kuroneko no Jazz Lyrics

Kuroneko no Jazz Lyrics


bokura wa makkuroi neko
nanika tanoshii koto nai kana?

kakenukeru. tokai wo. nyao
ima wa mada yoi no kuchi da yo.

ano kado ni hikaru no wa
BOSU neko to sono nakama no me
kizukarenai you ni ne. itsumo no
JAZU KURABU ni mukaunda.

nemuranai tokai ni. nyao
yukkuri SWING yudaneteru
matatabi wo nametara sugu
Ah kokochiyoku nacchau yo

yozora ni kagayaiteru
hoshi to hoshi wo sen de musundara
MAIRUSU ga waratteta yo
zutto yasashiku waratteta yo

sayounara. tokai yo. nyao
bokutachi wa yoru no maboroshi
mou, jiki ni asa ga kitara
bokura inakatta koto ni.
subete nakatta koto ni.


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何か 楽しい事 ないかな?



ゆっくりスイング ゆだねてる
またたびをなめたら すぐ
Ah 心地良くなっちゃうよ

星と星を線で 結んだら

僕ら いなかった事に。

Hanamaru Youchien 7th Ending Theme Lyrics - Information

Title: Kuroneko no Jazz
Anime: Hanamaru Youchien
English Title:Jazz of the Black Cat Lyrics
Type of Song:Ending
Appears in:7th Ending Theme
Performed by:Hino Satoshi and Hirota Shion
Composed by:Narasaki
Arranged by:Narasaki

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Hanamaru Youchien 7th Ending Theme Lyrics belongs to the anime Hanamaru Youchien Lyrics, take a look at the argument:

Saniwa, a special sage born in the year 2205, has the ability to breathe life into inanimate objects. Dark forces are plotting to travel back in time and change the course of history, and the Saniwa and their strongest animations—historical Japanese swords in the form of handsome young men—are the only ones who can stop them.
As Yamatonokami Yasusada, Souji Okita's beloved uchigatana, begins his first day at the Saniwa's citadel, Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru begins. Soon after reuniting with an old friend, Kashuu Kiyomitsu, the two become engrossed in the daily antics of their fellow swordsmen. They never pass up an opportunity to have a good time, whether it's with wild snowball fights or showing their newest comrades around the citadel.

Of course, the swords are always ready to fulfill their mission of protecting history when the government calls.

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Yuto's manga series Hanamaru Kindergarten (, Hanamaru Ychien) is published by Square Enix and written and illustrated by Yuto. The series follows Anzu, a kindergarten student who adores her teacher and tries but fails to win his affection. Gainax animated an anime television series based on the book, which aired in Japan from January to March 2010.

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