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アイデイーゼロ 歌詞

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アイデイーゼロ オープニング

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アイデイーゼロ エンディング
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ID-0 Lyrics
Title: ID-0
Also Called:アイデイーゼロ
Released on year:2017
Released in:Spring
Num Episodes:12

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Transferring the human consciousness into a robotic "I-Machine" is now a fact thanks to the discovery of a precious mineral named "orichalt." However, there is the risk that the consciousness would not return to the body of the host, rendering it trapped in its new metallic frame. This is the condition of members of the Excavate Group, a careless band of I-Machine miners headed by the infamous Grayman aimed at collecting orichalt for profit.The party rescues Maya Mikuri, a student who had been deserted by her crew during a mining incursion. Accused by her former colleagues of stealing classified information about orichalt, she joins the Excavate Business seeking to clear her name.

We then launch an adventure that will change their lives, including that of Ido, a group's ace member with no recollection of his life. Ido may have the chance to rediscover its true identity for the first time..

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About ID-0

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ID-0 ( Japanese: アイディー・ゼロ, Hepburn: Aidī Zero ) is a Japanese anime TV series created by Sanzigen in 2017. The anime was revealed on 7 August 2016 via a teaser video. Produced by Sanzigen and directed by Goro Taniguchi, the show will be broadcast from April 9, 2017 until June 25, 2017. The show is set when mankind has created I-Machines, robots capable of working in extreme space conditions, in which the consciousness of the human pilot can be passed into the operating system of the robot. Maya Mikuri, an astrogeology student, joins the Excavate Group, a team that illegally mine for the new mineral Orichalt used for interstellar travel.

However, Maya soon learns about an enigmatic crew member named Ido, and his connection to a little girl named Alice found within a deposit of Orichalt inside the heart of the wandering planet known as Rajeev..

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