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Innocent Venus Lyrics
Title: Innocent Venus
Released on year:2006
Released in:Summer
Num Episodes:12


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Hyper Hurricanes born simultaneously all over the world in the year 2010 AD caused serious damage. Five billion people have lost their lives, bringing the global population down to three billion. This has wiped out current industries and the military. Countries were frozen under solid ice, fields sunk below sea, and the planet was radically altered.Human civilization is facing an age of turmoil. Within these economic areas, poverty persisted, and slums were prevalent. The ruling class called itself Logos and retained its position through military force. They call low wages, which is exiled to live outside the special economic zones.

Because then time has passed.
Katsuragi Jo and Tsurasawa Jin, fleeing Phantom, a group mobilized to watch Revenus and eradicate the Logos 'renegade elements, taking a mysterious child, Nobuto Sana, with them. There are many interested in her, but for motives of their own..

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Innocent Venus ( Japanese: イノセント・ヴィーナス, Hepburn: Inosento Vīnasu ) is a Japanese anime television series that began broadcasting at midnight on 26 July 2006 on the Wowow network in Japan. The show uses some 3D cel-shaded animation that creates a more "hand-drawn" look than conventional 3D animation. ADV Films revealed at Anime Boston 2007 that they've approved for the series ( for $120,000 ). On July 11, 2008 ADV revealed that the printing of the DVDs was discontinued.

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