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ジンキ・エクステンド 歌詞

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ジンキ・エクステンド γ‚ͺープニング

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ジンキ・エクステンド エンディング
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Jinki : Extend Lyrics
Title: Jinki : Extend
Also Called:ジンキ・エクステンド
Released on year:2005
Released in:Winter
Num Episodes:12

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Aoba is a young girl who is fond of creating robotic creations. She and her grandmother lived alone until their grandmother passed away. Shortly after she was abducted and taken to a underground base where she found a giant robot. Across The Grand Savanna the piloted robots are battling against Ancient-Jinki, but the real purpose behind the battles is concealed. Aoba is working hard at the base so she can fly one of the robots and learn those secrets one day.

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Jinki: Extend ( Japanese: ジンキ・エクステンド, Hepburn: Jinki Ekusutendo ) is a Japanese manga series which Sirou Tunasima wrote and illustrated. The plot revolves around two girls who end up piloting giant humanoid robots named "Jinki" ( which translates to "man-machine" ) and the behind - the-scenes deception that inexorably drew them together in a final battle. It takes place in two parts, in Venezuela in 1988 ( Jinki ), and in Tokyo, Japan in 1991 ( Jinki: Extend. ) An adaptation of anime television series produced by Feel broadcast between January and March 2005. The 13th episode was never broadcast on television, only released as an OVA.
This title was picked up in North America by ADV Films for $91,000, which published the series in three volumes and box set.

But, in 2008, the title was sold to Funimation along with over thirty other ADV titles. In early 2007, the series was removed from the pages of its publisher, Mag Garden, for several reasons, one of which was Tunashima, who disagreed with Monthly Com's editor-in-chief The series subsequently resumed in the MediaWorks-issued Dengeki Moeoh magazine..

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