Kaiketsu Jouki Tanteidan Lyrics

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Kaiketsu Jouki Tanteidan Lyrics
Title: Kaiketsu Jouki Tanteidan
Also Called:Steam Detectives
Released on year:1998
Released in:Fall
Num Episodes:26


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The scene is Steam City, a city in London that reflects a whole society powered by the coal and steam power. The city is often shrouded in a mist because of steam. Villains use the steamy mist to conceal and execute their evil plans. Just a few dare to venture into what is beyond the vaporous mist. They are known as the Steam Detectives: Narutaki (and his all-purpose convertible pistol), Lingling his nurse-assistant, and Gohliki his Megamaton robot.

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Steam Detectives ( Japanese: 快傑蒸気探偵団, Hepburn: Kaiketsu Jōki Tanteidan ) is a Japanese manga series which Kia Asamiya wrote and illustrated. The manga was initially serialized in Monthly Shōnen Jump, and then moved to Ultra Jump at the start of the magazines. It was later adapted into a 26-episode anime TV series that aired on TV Tokyo from October 1998 to March 1999. Throughout North America, ADV Films licenses the anime, and Viz Media's manga.

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