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Kaleido Star Lyrics
Title: Kaleido Star
Also Called:KaleidoStar | Kaleido Star: New Wings | カレイドスター
Released on year:2016
Released in:Summer
Num Episodes:12


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Illyasviel "Illya" von Einzbern is lost and alone after waking up in a parallel version of Fuyuki City. Her home is in ruins, with a massive crater smack dab in the middle of her hometown. The young elementary schooler is befuddled as snow falls in the middle of summer, and she has no idea where her friends or her wand Ruby are.
She makes it to the ruins of her house before being attacked by an amnesiac girl. The mysterious girl, dressed in a gym uniform as the icy temperatures set in, has no idea where she is or why she has arrived.

However, this stranger, who goes by the name Tanaka, claims to know where Rin Toosaka, Miyu Edelfelt, and the rest of Illya's missing friends are.
Where will these two end up as they flee from agents of the Ainsworth family—those in control of this parallel realm—and how will Illya restore the present to the world she once knew?

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Kaleido Star (, Kareido Sut) is a Japanese animated television series produced by Gonzo. Junichi Sato created the show, which he also directed in the first season, and Reiko Yoshida wrote the script. Yoshimasa Hiraike directed Kaleido Star: New Wings.
Sora Naegino, a young Japanese girl, travels to the United States in order to realize her dream of performing at the world-famous Kaleido Stage.
Three original video animations, as well as a manga series and a novel, have been created. The first season of the show aired on Cartoon Network Latin America in 2004.

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