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Karasu Tengu Kabuto Lyrics
Title: Karasu Tengu Kabuto
Released on year:1990
Released in:Summer
Num Episodes:39


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Five hundred years ago, in the Tensho Era of Japan, a man was born defying the will of a demon; a man with gods of good by his side; a man cursed to combat evil .... his name was Kabuto. Somehow, the evil Black Night Devil, Kuroyasya Douki, fled his prison in hell and returned to earthly plane to wreak revenge on Kabuto's family line. With the sword, none can avoid his deadly magic and masterful skills; yet the gods of the North, West, East, and South band together help Kabuto stand for Justice. Kabuto may live another day to see his own sons born with the dubious aid of a diabolical speaking sword that his own father had forged .





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Karasu Tengu Kabuto ( 鴉天狗カブト, lit. "Crow Goblin Kabuto" ) is a manga and anime series which was produced in 1987 by Buichi Terasawa.

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