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キディ・グレイド 歌詞

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Kiddy Grade Opening Lyrics

キディ・グレイド オープニング
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Kiddy Grade Lyrics
Title: Kiddy Grade
Also Called:キディ・グレイド
Released on year:2002
Released in:Fall
Num Episodes:24


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Kiddy Grade ( キディ・グレイド ) is a 24-episode science fiction anime series released in 2002, directed by Keiji Gotoh and developed by gímik and Gonzo Digimation. The show is licensed by FUNimation Entertainment, and distributed in North America.In October 2006 news of a sequel to Kiddy Grade was revealed to be animated by asread ( キディ・グレイド ), under the working title of Kiddy Grade 2 ( キディ・グレイ ) ( K-G.2 ). It was re-announced on 26 February 2009 under the new title Kiddy Girl-and ( Shuffle! anime ) together with news of a new adaptation of manga, Kiddy Girl-and Pure ( キディ・ガーランド, Kidi Gārando ).
Fifty years after the first film, the sequel introduces two new female protagonists, Ascœur ( キディ・ガーランド ぴゅあ, Kidi Gārando Pyua ) and Q-feuille ( アスクール, Asukūru ).


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