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Lesson XX Lyrics
Title: Lesson XX
Released on year:1995
Num Episodes:1

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Lesson XX's story has a sweet feel to it. It revolves around two boys at a coed boarding school, Shizuka and Sakura who become friends. One day, when Shizuka dives in to take a hit from a baseball, he notices Sakura's sheer beauty. Following some mixed thoughts about who Sakura likes, Shizuka tells him he wants to kiss him as a joke. But Sakura doesn't care; he still insists under the starry sky that the two kiss. Despite this incident, Shizuka feels it's best for the two to stay separated from each other in order to work out their thoughts and feelings.

A classic shounen ai / yaoi with a sweet end to it, incorporating love, misunderstanding, violence and somewhat angst..

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