Lupin III Songs Lyrics

Lupin the Third | Rupan Sansei | ルパン三世
Lupin III Songs Lyrics


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Lupin III Songs

Anime Information

Title:Lupin III

Also Called:Lupin the Third | Rupan Sansei | ルパン三世


Released on year:1984

Released in:Spring

Num Episodes:50

Anime Genres


The adventures of Arsene Lupin III, the world's greatest thief, and his cohorts: master marksman Daisuke Jigen, beautiful and cunning Fujiko Mine, and stoic samurai Goemon Ishikawa XIII are chronicled in Lupin III. Lupin and his gang travel the world in search of the greatest treasures and riches, always staying one step ahead of Inspector Zenigata, who has vowed to bring Lupin to justice.
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Lupin III (Japanese:, Hepburn: Rupan Sansei) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Monkey Punch. It is also known as Lupin the Third, Lupin the Third, or Lupin the IIIrd. It follows the exploits of Arsène Lupin III, the grandson of Arsène Lupin, the gentleman thief from Maurice Leblanc's novels. The Lupin III manga, which debuted in Weekly Manga Action on August 10, 1967, spawned a media franchise that includes multiple manga, two animated pilot films, six animated television series, eleven theatrically released animated films, two live-action films, five OVA works, twenty-seven animated television specials, two musicals, numerous music CDs, and several video games. At various times, many different companies held the English-language distribution rights to various Lupin III properties, with just the first two animated films being released by over ten different companies. The first series of the manga was licensed to Tokyopop in 2002, and the second series was licensed in 2004. In 2002, Funimation Entertainment bought the rights to several of the television specials and films, and in 2012, it bought the rights to the fourth television series. The second television series was licensed and dubbed by Geneon, with 26 episodes airing on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim in 2003. Discotek Media owns the rights to several other Lupin titles, including some that were previously released by other companies, as well as the entire first, second, third, fourth, and fifth television series and the first live-action film. They also own the rights to several other Lupin titles, including some that were previously released by other companies. Lupin III is still popular fifty years later, with a seventh anime series set to premiere in 2021. The franchise has received mostly positive reviews in all of its incarnations, with the main characters' appeal being cited as the main reason for the series' success. The anime adaptations' voice acting (in both Japanese and English versions) and soundtracks (particularly those composed by Yuji Ohno) have also been praised; however, several of the franchise's installments, particularly the television specials, have been criticized for being formulaic. Fans and critics have praised the manga for having a darker tone than the anime, with explicit depictions of sex and violence, as well as a dark, fourth-wall-breaking sense of humor, in contrast to the mostly family-friendly animated versions. Due to copyright issues with Maurice Leblanc's intellectual property, the Lupin name was removed from Lupin's releases outside of Japan for several years, and it was replaced with "Rupan" or "Wolf." The copyright for the Lupin name has since expired, allowing foreign releases to use it.