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Macross Δ | マクロスΔ(デルタ 歌詞

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Macross Δ | マクロスΔ(デルタ オープニング

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Macross Δ | マクロスΔ(デルタ エンディング
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Macross Delta Lyrics
Title: Macross Delta
Also Called:Macross Δ | マクロスΔ(デルタ
Released on year:2016
Released in:Spring
Num Episodes:26


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Eight years after the events of Macross F the galaxy is slowly engulfed by a mysterious phenomenon known as Var Syndrome. It is up to a new generation of highly capable pilots from Valkyrie to deal with this universal threat. And if they still had not enough on their plate, the Kingdom of Wind's Aerial Knights Valkyrie fighter team came to challenge the Delta Squadron.

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Macross ( Japanese: マクロスΔ, Hepburn: Makurosu Deruta, lit. "Macross Delta" ) is a science fiction anime TV series broadcast from April 3, 2016 to September 25, 2016 on Tokyo MX in Japan. The fourth television series set in the Macross universe, it is directed by Kenji Yasuda ( Arata: The Legend, Noein ) and written by Toshizo Nemoto ( Log Horizon, Tokyo Majin ) with Shōji Kawamori as the chief director and mechanical designer, while Chisato Mita handles the original character design. Along with Studio Nue, Kawamori is also credited as the original founder.

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