Macross Frontier Insert (EP8) Lyrics Macross Frontier - Ninji-n Loves you yeah! Lyrics

Ninji-n Loves you yeah! Lyrics


tatoe sekai ga tsurakute mo
yume ga aru desho iroiro to
kimi ni bitamin nanairo
ninji-n loves you yeah!

itsuka mirai ni tadoritsuku
makecha dame desho sono karada
fukase enjin nanairo
ninji-n loves you yeah!

koi mo shigoto mo inochigake
dakedo suki desho moeru desho
sore ga kanjin nanairo
ninji-n loves you yeah!

ikuzo uchuu ga matteiru
kimi no koto desho kowakunai
teki wa nannin nanairo
ninji-n loves you yeah!


Even if life in this world is tough,
You still have your dreams, here and
That give you your vitamins, the seven
Carrot loves you yeah!

One day you will arrive at the future,
Don't let your body give up before that.
They tune up your engine, the seven
Carrot loves you yeah!

You dedicate your life to love and work,
But you enjoy it, right? Doesn't it fire
you up?
That's the important part. The seven
Carrot loves you yeah!

Let's go, the universe is waiting!
I know you are not scared at all.
How many enemies await? The seven
Carrot loves you yeah!


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Macross Frontier Insert (EP8) Lyrics - Information

Title: Ninji-n Loves you yeah!
Anime: Macross Frontier
English Title:Carrot loves you yeah! Lyrics
Type of Song:Other
Appears in:Insert (EP8)

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Since a devastating battle against a giant race known as the Zentradi, mankind has fled to the galaxy center on board a colonial starship fleet called the Macross Frontier. Life on Macross Frontier is continuing as normal as the extraterrestrial threat appears to be left behind.A young mecha pilot trainee named Alto Saotome and his colleagues are preparing to perform an accompanying routine in the year 2059 for the popular singer Sheryl Nome, who has come for a concert to Macross Frontier.
A biomechanical alien species known as the Vajra make a sudden appearance during the set, smashing through the vessel's protective perimeter and crashing near the concert venue, plunging the entire city into chaos.

A young girl named Ranka Lee is left behind as the concertgoers flee and gets attacked by the Vajra, but Alto saves her at the last minute.After these incidents, Alto's expertise in combat is recognized by the Strategic Military Services system, resulting in his recruitment to fight the latest alien threat..

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Macross Frontier ( マクロスF (フロンティア ), Makurosu Furontia) is a Japanese animated space science fiction drama that aired on MBS in Japan from 4 April 2008 to 26 September 2008. It is the third anime Japanese TV series set in the Macross universe.
Macross Frontier is the tale of a group of human space colonies seeking to find a habitable planet near the Milky Way centre. The plot centers on three young adults ( a famed pop singer, a private military pilot, and a rising pop singer ) and the things unfolding around them as the fleet faces an alien-origin crisis.

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