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Madou King Granzort Lyrics
Title: Madou King Granzort
Released on year:1989
Released in:Spring
Num Episodes:41


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The moon is a habitable place with atmosphere and gravity in the future, and also a popular attraction for tourists. There are also legends about a man with "long legs" on the moon like rabbits who can use spells. On a summer holiday alone, Haruka Daichi heads off to the moon, as he wants to see the long ears creature on his own.But he gets himself dragged into an ancient conflict between two ancient moon races: the race of "long ears" and the race of Jado. Jado race wanted the universe to be conquered and ancient evil powers resurrected to take control of the Earth.

Now the race of "long ears" and Daichi must try three warriors who could use magic to free Mado King to battle Jado race and liberate the kingdom of "long ears" from Jado race, Rabiluna..

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Madö King Granzört ( Japanese: 魔動王(マドーキング)グランゾート, Hepburn: Madō Kingu Guranzōto ) is a Japanese mecha animated series produced by Sunrise and Asatsu-DK, created and directed by Oji Hiroi ( Sakura Wars, Far East of Eden ) and written by Shūji Iuchi ( Mashin Hero Wataru ). It aired from 7 April 1989 to 2 March 1990 on NTV. It spawned three special direct-to-video episodes and two Original Video Animation movies, as well as a video game for the PC Engine SuperGrafx.

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