Maid-sama! Hyoudou Aoi Lyrics Igarashi Hiromi - Butterfly Lyrics


okiniiri no meiku
rame de kimete very good
kore kara kyou doko iku?
kangaeteiru ndesho nantonaku?

zawameku machi hito gomigomi no naka
hagurenaide chanto shikkari to tsukamaete

arifureta nichijou nante kyuukutsu de
kirakira shita I'm a butterfly
hane wo hirogete hana kara hana e
tondeitchau yo

mitsumete darling darling
kono sekaijuu de ichiban ima kawaii hito
wa dare?
oshiete datte datte
daiji ni shitekurenakucha dokka tooku e
nigechau kara!

kawaisugiru kono baggu omotasugiru no ga
tsukareta furi de sore to naku...
kimi ga mottekurete chouraku

mawari no shisen mata chirachira ki ni
teretenaide chanto pittari to soba ni ite

arigachi na joushiki nante taikutsu de
fuwafuwa shita I'm a butterfly
amai hanii mo nigai hanii mo
torokesaseru yo

mitsumete dreaming dreaming
kono sekaijuu de ichiban ima daisuki na
no wa dare?
oshiete datte datte
sugu kotaetekurenakucha chotto ijiwaru
wo shichau kara!

sayonara darling darling
donna ni daisuki da tte ima kokuhaku
shite mo dame!
dou shite datte datte
kono sekaijuu de ichiban ima suteki na
watashi da kara!

kirakira kagayaiteku
kono namida wa riaru or feiku?
kimi no kokoro sotto nokku
sono haato wo tsukande sotto rokku


With my favorite make-up on
The final touch will be some glitter;
looks very good
Where shall we go today?
You can't help thinking about it, can

Among the crowds of people on the
bustling streets
Make sure you don't get separated from
me hold on to me tightly

This all too common everyday life is
too constricting and boring
I'm a sparkling Butterfly
Spreading my wings I might fly from one
flower to the next

Look at me Darling Darling
Who's the cutest in this world right
Tell me because because
You've got to cherish me or I might
just run away!

This bag is just too cute but it's too
heavy for my neck
I just need to pretend to be tired in
an oh-so-subtle way...
And you'd carry it for me, how nice

There, you're glancing around again you
can't help minding people's looks, can
Come on, don't be shy get closer to me

I don't need that kind of common sense
it's too boring; I hate it
I'm a light and free Butterfly
Melting everything in my path be it
sweet honey or bitter honey

Look at me Dreaming Dreaming
Who's the one you love the most in this
world right now?
Tell me because because
If you don't give me an answer right
away I'm going to play a little prank
on you

Goodbye Darling Darling
No matter how much you're in love with
me you're not supposed to confess your
feelings for me right now
Why? Because because
I'm the most wonderful girl in the
world right now

Shining and sparkling
Are these tears real or fake?
I will knock gently on your heart
And I will seize it in my tender lock


ラメでキメてvery good
考えているんでしょ 何となく?

ざわめく街 人ゴミゴミのなか
はぐれないで ちゃんとしっかりと掴まえて

ありふれた日常なんて 窮屈でツマラナイ
キラキラしたI'm a Butterfly
羽を広げて 花から花へ 飛んで行っちゃうよ

見つめて Darling Darling
この世界中で一番 今 可愛い人はダレ?
教えて だって だって

可愛すぎるこのバッグ 重たすぎるのがネック
疲れたフリで それとなく...

まわりの視線 またチラチラ気にして
照れてないで ちゃんとぴったりと側にいて

ありがちな常識なんて 退屈でダイキライ
フワフワしたI'm a Butterfly
甘いハニーも 苦いハニーも とろけさせるよ

見つめて Dreaming Dreaming
この世界中で一番 今 大好きなのはダレ?
教えて だって だって

サヨナラ Darling Darling
どんなに大好きだって 今 告白してもダメ!
どうして だって だって
この世界中で一番 今 素敵な私だから!


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Title: Butterfly
Anime: Maid-sama!
Type of Song:Other
Appears in:Hyoudou Aoi
Performed by:Igarashi Hiromi
Composed by:Chikuta Hiroshi
Arranged by:Sasaki Hiroshi
Lyrics by:Harukazu Aya, 春和文

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Misha Takanashi, a Russian second grader, now lives with her Japanese stepfather after losing her mother at a young age. Tsubame Kamoi, a former Japan Air Self-Defense Force (JASDF) officer, is hired as a housekeeper by the Takanashi family. This is a home comedy in which Kamoi, a hardcore lolicon, tries to get close to Misha while she fights her.

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Between April and September 2010, J.C.Staff produced a 26-episode anime adaptation.

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