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"I wish I could go back" dare ka ga yū
Basho wa boku ni wa nai
Eien ni kawaranai
Sō omotteta

Nan do mo nan do mo
Me o kosutte tashikamete
Mune ga ippai ni naru

Like a lie Bright!
Tojikometa mama sutekirezu kakushita
Kokoro terashita kiseki
Motomezu utagai mo sezu tada shinjite
Boku o oshieru yō ni

Kimi to warau ima nara ba
Subete dakishimerareru
Mō ichi do


Someone says "I wish I could go back"
I don't have a place to go back to
It won't change forever
That's what I thought

Over and over
I rubbed my eyes and checked twice
My heart was filled with emotions

Like a lie, Bright!
I hid it and kept it down because I
couldn't throw it away
A miracle gave me a light in my heart
You believed me without wanting anything,
without any doubts
Like you were teaching me

I laugh with you now
I can hold everything
Once again


“I wish I could go
back” 誰かが言う
永遠に 変わらない

何度も 何度も
目をこすって 確かめて

Like a lie, Bright!
閉じ込めたまま 捨てきれず隠した
求めず疑いもせず ただ信じてくれた

君と笑う 今ならば

Maou-sama, Retry! Ending Theme Lyrics - Information

Title: NEW
Anime: Maou-sama, Retry!
Type of Song:Ending
Appears in:Ending Theme
Performed by:Haruka Toujou
Composed by:YOSHIHIRO
Arranged by:YOSHIHIRO
Lyrics by:Haruka Toujou

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Maou-sama, Retry! Ending Theme Lyrics belongs to the anime Maou-sama, Retry! Lyrics, take a look at the argument:

Akira Oono is an ordinary working adult responsible for handling the MMORPG Infinity Game. Fifteen years after the game was developed Oono wants to shut down the servers once and for all. However, as the clock strikes at midnight, he finds himself somehow in the middle-aged body of Hakuto Kunai, Demon Lord's Infinity Game!He soon sees the demon Greole chasing after a little girl called Aku, after his mysterious transportation. While he dispatches the monster easily, Hakuto is still concerned; after all, he doesn't remember creating either the girl or the demon! Doubting that he is really in his creation world, Hakuto wants to investigate.

Bringing Aku along as his guide and friend, Hakuto is setting out on a quest to find out just who or what called him to this realm of fantasy while leaving in his wake confusion and destruction..

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Demon Christ, Come on! ( 魔王様、リトライ!, Maō-sama, Ritorai! ) is a Japanese series of fantasy light novels by Kurone Kanzaki and illustrated by Kōji Ogata. In 2016, it started online serialization on the user-generated novel publishing website Shōsetsuka ni Narō, as well as on the Hameln website. This was bought later by Futabasha, who released the series under their Monster Bunko imprint since June 2017. Since October 2017 a manga adaptation with art by Amaru Minotake has been serialized through the streaming Web Comic Action published by Futabasha.
J-Novel Club licensed the light novel and manga series for English releases in July 2019, with the first English-translated volume released in November 2019.

Ekachi Epilka's anime TV series adaptation aired from 4 July to 19 September 2019. Episode 12 ended with the phrase, "To proceed!".

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