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Maze Mega-Burst Space Lyrics
Title: Maze Mega-Burst Space
Released on year:1997
Released in:Spring
Num Episodes:25


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Maze wakes up in her room, she has amnesia and everything is a mess. Before she can gather into her house what happened the girl Mill storms, thanking her for saving her life. She informs Maze that her house unexpectedly fell from the sky and crushed pursuers of Mills beneath her. They are both on the run from other pursuers who want their hands on Princess Mill before long though. We are rescued only when Maze learns that she has magical powers of phantom light and can summon Mills family heirloom mecha. Her performance with the mecha, however, is weak; that's until the sun goes down and she's turned into a man of lechery.

Soon other travelers will join them as Maze attempts to defend Mill and figure out what she is doing in this world of fantasy..

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Maze The Megaburst Space ( Japanese: MAZE☆爆熱時空, Hepburn: Meizu Bakunetsu Jikū ) by Satoru Akahori is a Japanese light novel series. In 1996 J.C.Staff adapted it into an OVA film, followed by an anime TV series and a sequel movie. The OVA and anime television series had been licensed by Central Park Media in North America and released on DVD under their label Computer Sculptors. The TV series has been aired several times on Comcast's Anime Selects On Demand channel. The manga was not published in the United States.

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